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Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Mexico

Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Mexico-2Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Mexico

By Emily Granados

Contemporary World Literature - Mexico -Emily GranadosEmily Granados was born in Mexico in 1994. She studied Hispanic Language and Literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a public research university in Mexico. Emily is an actress and oral narrator and is currently a workshop and secondary school teacher.


Scared here

We all have our unique and unrepeatable vision of the world

Unwitting delicate doers,

We are, without rehearsal, it is me,

The one who is splicing her fears lying down

In the gloom of a peak,

Naked, empty, swaying wind revives her

Like a little fire in secret for me

My eyelashes dance but I don’t see anyone

There is no one, I am alone.

On wooden sticks with traces of sweet

My insecurities as a child are on fire…

And the dark streets

And my dad who didn’t come back

And my grandmother dead

My baggy pants

They were safe when I thought I was a child without knowing it

And Opitz syndrome

And the sheep butchered by grandfather.


In diamond gift bags the craving for desires,

The accelerated passage of time

Oh the accelerated passage of time!

That then I wanted to stop,

Frustrated, frustrated without understanding

What was the moment?

I was in a hurry of twenty-five and loose,

Of everything that is born and claims its channel

I felt that the world was new and the new was me,

Spun by my will,

Above all wills.


Inside my clown nose

Nightmares accommodated for ages,

The faces of those that my family killed without knowing,

The lights of the cities

That I have visited for the first time and one day,

Like everything that does not repeat death,

My own pantheon that expands like fire

And all the uncertainty

That leaves the walking of the three-headed monster, time.


There at the top

Alone on each edge of the skin,

On each exhale,

Crying and loving with the fears inside,

I threw it all into the black void

That generates energy in another space

In the same act that I took it out of the gut,

Thrown away, I licked the wound like an animal,

Placid in the night almost howling,

It was no longer nor was it going to be,

Was and only,

I was alone on an invisible peak

Invisible to the human eye!


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