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Culture is not just the combination of seven letters

Culture is not just the combination of seven letters

Quaid-e-Azam Law College Nawabshah organized culture day program on Tuesday, 14th December, in which management, teachers, and the students took part making the day truly amazing and memorable.

By Rashid Chandio

As the month of December begins to whisper, the culture day celebrations roar across Sindh. From child to old age, people across the age shimmer to celebrate culture day in their own typical styles. However, in educational institutions, culture day takes a long stride and utmost attention because of the immeasurable love and awareness that educated class has towards culture and its value in a person’s life. Culture is not just the combination of seven letters, but behind these seven letters, the long history of one generation stands known.

Academically, culture is defined as the way of living life in a particular society where people share their common goals, language, religion, values, customs, norms, dressing codes, ideologies, and patterns of thinking. Apparently, culture is being recognized via language & dressing codes which are symbolic elements of it. As Topi and Ajrak + Sindhi language reflects and represents the culture of Sindh globally. Subsequently, Sindhi culture stands out beyond these symbols because it has some internal and abstract definitions such as respecting elders, honoring women, helping other human beings regardless of their color of skin, caste, creed, class, and status, loving children, helping homeless people, allowing people to preach and practice their religion freely, valuing others freedom and liberty. These are some of the core and abstract principles of Sindhi culture.

Since, all the educational institutions across Sindh, start to celebrate culture day from the fresh and cold dawn of December, by keeping that trend in mind, our Quaid-e-Azam Law College Nawabshah, organized culture day program that took place on Tuesday, 14th December, in which management, teachers, and the students immensely took part and played their due role to make that day truly amazing, awesome, and memorable. The culture day program included many great segments which were thoroughly performed by the students; segments such as Tilawat, Naat, Due, welcome speech, speeches related to culture, its history, and importance, cultural songs, teachers speeches on culture, Sindhi poetry, Topi + Ajrak ceremony for the teachers & other staff presented by the students, cultural dance, and in the last arrangements of refreshment in the shape of hot biryani + cold drink.

The most important thing and takeaway of the day for me were that all the students showcased their multi-dimensional talent and potential which was unknown and hidden under the carpet before. Personally, I was amazed and really startled at how all the students performed in their respective roles. From this thing, it is quite obvious that students have got a lot of talent and energy to do anything in the world, but lack of opportunities, platforms, and proper guidance pushes them on the back foot. Resultantly, students remain unknown and unconscious regarding their talent and potentials that what they have got and what they can do to utilize those energies, capabilities to achieve success and contribute to the larger development of nation where they nurture and grow. Some students delivered the speeches so well that they were electrifying in their actions, presentations of content, moving of gestures, above all the fire and vigor which was lurking from their words. In the light of that, the learners must be exposed to such extracurricular activities so, that they could measure themselves that where they stand in the long race of learning and what they need to do to fill the gaps which hinder and break their momentum of learning. Simply learning is not just playing one game and to be expert in that, but in the modern age, learners have to be smart in various departments of life, and for that, such sorts of cultural programs are necessary and essential to unlock all types of talent that the learners possess by birth.

Above all, it was truly a great day for the number of reasons. Firstly, the students and all other members got to be mesmerized with their culture. Secondly, this day brought all of us together and united to show the world that we are not parted but together forever. Thirdly, this day boosted up the confidence of the students to showcase their talent by engaging & involving in a number of extracurricular activities. Fourthly, this day reminded us of the old & forgotten history of our forefathers who did everything to preserve the culture & civilization of our nation. Fifthly, this day intensified our emotions & feelings to continue to love & care for each other by forgetting all the minuscule differences.

Sixthly, this day taught us the lessons of respecting the diversity which this great Sindhi culture holds and preserves for many centuries by valuing all types of people who live in Sindh and strengthening the boundaries of Sindh. Seventhly, this day recreated the idea of sacrifice among us to cherish one of the oldest cultures and civilizations of the universe. Eighthly, this day opened our eyes to look at our Sufi poets and read them with clear intentions to act & spread their message among the young generation who is getting away from their own great poets. Ninthly, this day broke the shackles of inequality and bad concepts regarding culture. Finally, this day brought all types of smiles, and lots of laughter on the lips of people who were depressed, harnessed, subdued, and manipulated in the bad and unwanted air of cosmos.

In the end, it is very hard, to sum up, such a fabulous culture day program because this day offered enormous joy and happiness to all of us which could not be translated into a few words here. We are all grateful to the Principal, Vice Principal of QALC, Nawabshah for arranging the everlasting event. The credit equally goes to all of the people who stayed intact from the very first day of organizing it till it got celebrated. Hence, Culture is not a word, but it provides identity to be recognized, language to speak, history to cherish, principles to apply, complete codes to live a better life, various channels to express ideas, clarity to promote human wellbeing, poetry to dance, songs to sing, ways to sit still, Platform to stand still, will to survive anyway, courage to fight for rights, and books to get familiar with the previous generation. Hence, Sindhi culture is one oldest and identified a culture of the world which developed & reached at the peak points when rest of the world was living in complete & absolute darkness.


The writer is an English faculty member at Quaid-e-Azam Law College Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan.