Home Health Dewan Giddu Mal Ward of Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science reopened

Dewan Giddu Mal Ward of Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science reopened

Dewan Giddu Mal Ward of Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science reopened
Patients shifted after reopening of Ward-5A

Named as 5A, the Ward was closed since outbreak of Covid-19 as all the beds and mattresses were shifted to Emergency Centers leaving behind an empty hall   

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Hyderabad, Sindh

The reopening ceremony of Ward-5A, also known as Dewan Giddu Mal Ward, at Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences (CJIP&BS) was held on Wednesday.

The Ward-5A, said to be Trial Treatment Ward, has been reopened after about four years.

Dewan Gidu Mal Ward-2Senator Dr. Karim Khawaja, Chairman, Sindh Mental Health Authority and Vice Chairman of the hospital, performed the opening along with Madam Anum Effendi. The ceremony was held at Prof. Hyder Ali G Kazi auditorium.

Dr. Nisar A. Sohoo, the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, told Sindh Courier that the Ward remained closed since the outbreak of Covid-19. “There were certain factors behind closer of the ward – All the activities in the ward had been suspended to avoid spread of pandemic, while the beds and mattresses were shifted to the Covid-19 Emergency Centers established to tackle the situation.”

“There was nothing left here except an empty hall,” he added.

Dewan Gidu Mal Ward-4“Now the Ward-A5 has been refurbished with provision of some 45 beds and mattresses, donated by three philanthropists,” Dr. Soho told.

Elaborating further, Dr. Soho said that Dewan Giddu Mal Ward or Block is divided in Ward-5A and 5B. The 5A Ward is backbone of the hospital where the patients are brought at the initial stage of trial treatment, after which they are referred to other wards.

“The performance of the hospital was severely affected due to closure of ward,” he said adding that after taking over as MS, he focused on reopening of the closed ward.

As there were overcrowding in other wards the patients were shifted to 5A ward soon after its reopening, he said.

Dewan Gidu Mal Ward-3Dr. Nisar Soho said there are several other issues, which hopefully would be resolved gradually. “The major issue is that such a big institute is under-funded,” he said.

Senator Karim Khawaja told that he held detailed discussion with the administration of hospital on the occasion of ceremony and the primary focus was on the issues faced by the institute and patients dealing with mental health disabilities.

Dewan GidunMal Ward - Sindh Courier
Beds and Mattresses donated by the philanthropists

Numerous aspects, including the Telepsychiatry clinic, CJ-FM radio, digital library, a corner highlighting past best performers of the hospital, a new ward for women victims of domestic violence, women Under-Trial Prisoners’ cases, and policies related to admission, discharge, and pending judicial cases, were thoroughly discussed. Recommendations were put forth for immediate solutions to address the future challenges encountered by both inpatients and outpatients with mental health disabilities.

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In his speech also, Dr. Karim Khawaja expressed assurance of support and extended cooperation from Sindh Mental Health Authority for the welfare of patients.

Dewan Gidu Mal Ward-5
Display of handicrafts made by the patients

Dr. Nisar A Sohoo, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, who organized the event, gave his welcome speech. Dr. Kazi Manazar Hayat was the moderator.

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Zulfikar Qadri from Fukrai Sath, Ma’am Jabeen Bhutto, a philanthropist from Hyderabad, Dr. Farook Ahmed Leghari, Director of Health Services Hyderabad Division, Dr. Syed Zafar Mehdi, Secretary of Sindh Mental Health Authority, Dr. Parvez Ahmed Shaikh, DDG (PA&A), Dr. Amanullah Jhatial, DDG (HRD&PME), Dr. Jameel Ahmed Junejo, Chairman of the Psychiatry Department at LUMHS, Imran Saleem, Principal of Nursing School SCJIP&BS, and others were present.



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