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Earth, Water, Space – Poetry by Asmonur Rejabboyeva of Uzbekistan

Earth, Water, Space – Poetry by Asmonur Rejabboyeva of Uzbekistan
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I am recognized by Earth, Water, Space; Mountains are a model; I own the whole sky

Asmonur Rejabboyeva, a young poet of Uzbekistan, shares her poetry

Asmonur Rejabboyeva -poet - Uzbekistan - Sindh CourierAsmonur Rejabboyeva, born on April 26, 1992 in the village of Ko’kyor, Yangikurgan district, in the cool and mountainous area of Uzbekistan, studied at the Namangan State University in the direction of ‘The idea of national independence, spiritual foundations and legal education’ at the bachelor’s level on the basis of an honors diploma. In March 2015, she started working in the newspaper “Children world” under the authority of the Department of Public Education. In journalism, she won a place among the winners of the regional stage of the “Greatest and Dearest” Republican competition. During her career, she regularly participated in the publications of the Republic with her series of articles. In 2019, she took first place in the “Youngest Photographer of the Year” competition. In 2020, her first poetry collection titled “My existence” was published. In 2016, she participated in the media camps of young journalists at the “Bo’stonliq” youth camp in Tashkent region, and in the “Yoshlar” camp in Kashkadarya in 2017. In 2020, she won the “Zomin-2020” competition of young artists. At the end of 2020, she participated in the Khorezm International Youth Conference “Active and Innovative Youth”. In 2021-2022 academic year, she was accepted to the master’s degree in the “Methodology of Teaching Social Humanities” department of the “Faculty of Law” of Namangan State University. I completed my master’s degree in 2023. In the first year of my master’s degree, she published her books such as “Journey to the Heart” in poetry, “Ninth Car” in prose, and “Manhood of a Mindless Girl” (a collection of fairy tales for children). In addition, her creative works were included in the international anthology “Girls’ Heart Words” published by “Yaninevi” publishing house of Turkey. Her works were published in the anthology “Voices of Uzbek Girls” collected by the American publishing house “Amazon”, and in the collection of creative youth published in the country of Khytot. She won the absolute winner in the region in the field of journalism of the contest “My contribution to the development of the country”. Her articles on the topic “The role of art and literature in human spirituality” were published in “Impor Fakt”, “Salohiyat Mezoni”, University newsletters, and the American publication “Amazon” was named “Most also published her scientific article on this topic in the “Active Leaders” collection. Her prose and poetic works were also published on the Albanian “Argonish” website, the Turkish “Qizilirmak” newspaper, the Indian “Namaste India” magazine, the German “Raven cage” magazine, the Kenyan “Kenya Times”, the “Hidoyat” of Uzbekistan, “Mo’minalar”. She won the competition held by the Ministry of Science and Education of Russia and got the 3rd place with scientific article. She is member of the International Association of World Talents, the winner of the “Abay” medal, the recipient of the commemorative medal of the “Amir Temur International” charity fund. Currently, she is an independent researcher at Namangan State University
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I am recognized by Earth, Water, Space

 Mountains are a model.

I own the whole sky,

Exxe, it’s time to live, very.


Every destination became like me,

My wealth is endless.

Falcons, eagles came out of the cage,

How can you live without a will!?


From the earth to the stars is now a step,

 The whole continent will sing my name!

My heart is alone with you

Give me back my identity!


It’s just that we think so much alike,

You are autumn and I am gold leaf.

You are a symbol of love, love to me,

And I am a beautiful quiver on the lips.


The world in which beauty is embedded in my heart…

I think it’s all a dream.

Bringing thoughts to the norm,

It’s like I’m going to be reborn!


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May everyone be blessed with such happiness!

 May heaven fill the houses! 

Because mothers have a smile,

The poems match the original tunes.


At home, at work, and on the street,

The necklace named after the restless woman.

Woman – Mother, woman – wife, sister,

An example to the world at the same time.


A big world in a small heart,

 Happiness is born from delicate hands.

The presence of cradle mothers is a gift,

HEAVEN under her feet!


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We both have similar eyes.

We both share faith.

My mother and I are very happy.

I am alive with my mother.


Warm Bagri gives me water, air,

Prayers to return to life.

I thank me every day,

I was lucky to be called my mother.


Heaven is close to me,

Everywhere in our house is a garden.

 When they say that my mother is my daughter,

 It is a high mountain in my chest.


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