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Sea flower… Poetry from Uzbekistan

Sea flower…  Poetry from Uzbekistan

Munavvar Boltayeva, a young poetess and writer from Uzbekistan, known for mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route shares her two poems

Munavvar Boltayeva - Poetess- Uzbekistan - Sindh CourierMunavvar Boltayeva was born on February 1, 1997 in Jarkurgan district of Surhandarya province, Uzbekistan. She writes poems and articles, and has 5 poetry collections and more than 10 international anthologies to her credit. Her poems have been translated into nearly 15 languages – translated into Albanian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Turkish, Azerbaijani and Italian and published in newspapers and magazines of these countries. Her poetry collection “Voice of My Heart” was published in Antalya-Alanya.  She currently works as an editor covering rural life for the magazine “International Worvid”.  She is also the coordinator of the Cucba Council of Mexican Poets; the honorary director of the World Federation of Arts and Culture (Singapore); member of the Birland community. She is also an international volunteer with the United Nations Human Rights Association; the peace ambassador of the international Arab magazine ELITE.  Munavvar Boltayeva is the winner of the 2023 “Mighty Pens Award 2023” and the “Wio Global Women’s Award 2023”.  She recently attended the 10th National Literary Writers Creative Exchange Workshop Tokyo Menghua 2023 Literary Ceremony hosted by the Chinese government and was recognized as the winner among more than 30 writers. 

Sea flower… 

Work of a talented artist,

A rare flower, a beautiful flower, a wonderful flower.

Doesn’t water wash away the color of the flower?

A flower that grows blue from the bottom of the sea.


It doesn’t live like any other flower,

Sea lovers’ day and night…

Seagulls always go with the flow.

If you love him…


Sea flower, you have so many secrets,

Did you hide the secret of the sea?

Because you are so beautiful?

What is hidden in your sheet?


I wrote you a song, I wrote you a poem.

The artists drew you from the heart.

Sometimes to test the patience of the sea,

Sorry, they broke your peace on purpose.


You are a protected miracle

Tell me where you got all this beauty from.

Oh flower of the sea, I sang to you.

No matter how much I sing, the verse never ends.



Dreaming on the boat of life.

Sometimes we swim to the right, sometimes to the left.

So that the rude waves do not meet,

Sometimes we break the period of silence.


How many childhoods passed on this ship!

How many dawns, how many days have set.

If anyone has not seen the early morning…

Some were woken up by the sun.


There is life and there is only walking.

There is no getting stuck in one place, there is no stopping for a moment.

Earth is also in motion, what about time?  He is in a hurry.

Bullet like chasing a person…


And the address is clear.  Green basil.

Juices flow in the stream there.

There are many trees with endless fruits.

Sayings, there is no rain or snow.


Even the crescent in the blue does not stop for a moment,

After all, he also has a certain way.

To hear from people,

At night, they appear in the sky one by one.


We are still sailing in the boat of life,

Don’t scare us, false mirage.

Let only the good be our companions,

Anyway, we are in a bad situation on this road… 





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