Home Point of View Egyptian Writer Calls for a National Homeland for the Zionists on Mars

Egyptian Writer Calls for a National Homeland for the Zionists on Mars

Egyptian Writer Calls for a National Homeland for the Zionists on Mars

The Zionist state will not need blood to shed to satisfy its lust, because the surface of Mars is red with the original color of blood

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid

When speaking before the world’s delegates to the United Nations, the representative of the occupying State of Israel doubted that the international organization would reach its ninetieth year, and that it was doomed to extinction, as he said in protest against the humanitarian call of its Secretary-General António Guterres to stop the Israeli attacks on civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The United Nations, established about eight decades ago, is an institution to implement international law. It officially began its work on October 24, 1945, after China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States ratified its charter with the rest of its members.

The truth is that the prophecy of the Zionist representative is closer to reality, as his occupying state did not submit to any resolution issued by the international organization, which made it the first rogue state on the planet Earth. It spared no effort to ensure that its presence, over 75 years, was evil for everyone who dealt with it, by cutting off olive trees, killing children, displacing families, destroying health institutions, blowing up mosques and churches, poisoning leaders, spying on both allies and enemies alike, and do not forget to always act the role of the victim through a completely domesticated media.

There is no doubt that an entity – with such characteristics – is no longer prepared to survive on planet Earth, and all of humanity must help it find a place suitable for its destructive presence. The truth is that Mars is the most suitable to contain this glowing and fiery entity. Mars, whose name refers to the Roman god of war, is an ideal place for war lovers, and there is no one more worthy of the Zionist entity than to inherit the divinity of war, after fighting ever other entities in geography, and everyone else in history, in an eternal rejection to live in peace with its neighbors, despite all their initiatives and concessions.

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Mars, that rocky planet, will withstand the bombardment of that country with free ammunition with which the entity’s allies will flood it day and night. The Zionist state will not need blood to shed to satisfy its lust, because the surface of Mars is red with the original  color of blood, and igniting the atmosphere of Mars will be suitable for its settlers because it is low in density, and the Zionists will not need to cut off water to potential Martian residents, because it already has very small amounts of water vapor, and the fires that the Zionists will start, by custom, will be suitable for warming the atmosphere of Mars, which is colder than Earth. There is also plenty of time to weave lies, as a year is about twice as long as an Earth year. A Martian year is equivalent to 687 Earth days.

The occupying state will not need an iron dome to protect itself, as Mars is the fourth planet farthest from the sun after Mercury, Venus, and the Earth. The Zionists can expand their dinosaur map there because Mars is the seventh planet in terms of size and mass, as it is half the size of planet Earth, and Mars is similar to the Earth in terms of composition and in that it has four seasons during the year, and layers of ice cover its southern and northern poles, so its people coming from the east and west of the Earth will not feel alienated, and spaceships can carry them directly from where they come to Mars, so there is no need for them to ride ships to the land of Palestine, just as their thieving ancestors did, who came to the Holy Land as refugees, before Balfour promised them a homeland in a land they israeled,   claiming the ownership of  Palestinians before displacing them.

In fact, the Zionists’ rejection of the world comes as a reaction to the world’s rejection of them, which must have its roots in the fact that this extremist Jewish character, as recorded in the world’s literature, arts, and narratives, is not compatible with human beings, whoever they are, as they were expelled from all corners of the earth during the previous millennium, time and time again. Their residence was determined for certain places, and I visited many cities from Cairo to Tashkent and saw the sectors named after them.

They were also burned alive in other countries, prevented from entering other countries, and executed by hanging. Their expulsion to Mars will not be the first time the Earth has expelled them, but it will be the last, reminding them of the year 1933 when they were subjected to decisive expulsion from Germany and genocide in the ovens that they talk about and try to imitate, before the Arab countries under the British Mandate were afflicted by this group that ravaged the body of the world, infecting the Arab body, and implanting it like a strange organ between its ribs, and establishing, in May 1948, the occupying State of Israeli. On the Palestinian territories, it sets out from there to destroy the world and its human values.

Let the latest United Nations resolution, proposed by groups that love humanity, that accept all the decisions of the international community, and abide by the international laws of its official institutions of justice and security, be a decision to make” Mars a National Homeland for the Zionists”. Countries that love the occupying entity bear the cost of transporting their citizens of the Zionist entity on luxury spaceships, and that the west is also helping to build new settlements to accommodate those who have dual nationalities, and to hold farewell ceremonies worthy of sending war addicts to the planet of war!

Getting to Mars, based on current spacecraft speeds, would take about nine months, according to NASA’s Space Flight Center website; that is, a spacecraft traveling to Mars takes between 128 days to 333 days to reach the Red Planet. According to physics professor Craig Patten, University of California, San Diego, the journey can be shortened by burning more fuel, and the occupying state has provided fuel from its siege of the Gaza Strip that will be enough to initially send the war council, in preparation for sending the entire Chosen People to Mars, and come the centenary of the United Nations, which they hate and do not accept its resolutions, while it is alive, safe from the Zionists who reside on Mars, their eternal national homeland.


Ashraf Aboul-YazidAshraf Aboul-Yazid is an eminent poet, novelist, travelogue writer of Egypt who has authored over three dozen books. His poetry has been translated into over a dozen languages. He is Editor-in-Chief of Silk Road Literature Series.  


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