Middle East Politics

Middle East Politics: The Prince and the Paupers!

Middle East Politics. Cartoon Courtesy: The Iran Project Although many anticipate Saudi Arabia will be the last Arab country to normalize ties with Israel, Prince Mohammed has a record of bucking expectations. Two advisers close to the crown prince said he wants to reach a deal with Israel but knows it is nearly impossible as […]

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Abraham Accords Courtesy Daily sabah

Abraham Accords: Alarm bells in Arab world

Coming closer to Israel without protecting the rights of the Palestinians will only deepen divisions in the region, as in the Trump’s Jerusalem move, the deals will only accelerate the split and increase anger. BY NAGEHAN ALÇI Alarm bells have started ringing since deals signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Israel to […]

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Israeli researchers develop reusable protective face mask

An Israeli laboratory worker shows a “self-disinfecting”, reusable protective face mask at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in northern Israeli city of Haifa on June 15, 2020. Israeli researchers have developed an innovative coronavirus face mask which disinfects itself for multiple use, the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) said. The mask, developed by Technion […]

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Thousands of Israelis rally in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu’s West Bank annexation bid

Thousands attend a protest against Israel’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank, at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on June 6, 2020. Annexation is War Crime; Annexation is Apartheid – leaders of left parties told the cheering protesters. Tel Aviv: Thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv Saturday evening to protest Prime Minister […]

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The epidemic that brought Jews back to Jerusalem

The ‘Vilna Gaon Map’ is believed to be a copy of a map drawn by the Gaon, which was illustrated by his students shortly after his death around 1800.  Two centuries back communities throughout the eastern Mediterranean were devastated by a bubonic plague outbreak, which reached the ancient Galilean city of Safed in 1812, quickly […]

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Fight against Honor Killings

Unlike domestic violence against women in Western countries, where the perpetrators are almost exclusively men, usually acting alone and spontaneously, the honor killings are carefully planned conspiracies. By Gary C. Gambill {Phyllis Chesler, a Shillman-Ginsburg Fellow at the Middle East Forum, emerita professor of psychology and women’s studies, and the author of eighteen books, spoke […]

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