Home Interview Engineer Falak Naz’s journey from Jacobabad to USA, England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

Engineer Falak Naz’s journey from Jacobabad to USA, England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

Engineer Falak Naz’s journey from Jacobabad to USA, England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

In the near future, cancer treatment will be done through modern technology that will directly hit the cancer cells in the body using scientific Nano and telecommunication technology – says Falak Naz Soomro

Conversation by:  Sahib Khan Bhand 

Falak Naz Soomro hailing from a poor family of Jacobabad district – one of underdeveloped districts of Sindh province, has emerged as an intelligent, smart and courageous young girl who despite several hardships, completed her graduation at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, proceeded abroad after receiving Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for Master’s Degree (Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics) from four countries.

Falak Naz was born to Maqsood Ahmed Soomro – a technician, who educated his children, especially his daughter. He provided all possible support and encouraged her to advance in the field of teaching and research.

Falak-Naz-Sindh-Courier-1Ms. Naz is first female from her family having entered in a university for graduation. She got her initial education from Victor Public School in Jacobabad, and after reaching the ninth grade, she received YES scholarship and studied the tenth class at Woodward, Ohio State, USA. She was selected in telecommunication engineering at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, where her first research paper was published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Accredited Research Journal during third year of her study. This research writing paved the way for opening new vistas for her further higher studies.  

After graduating in Telecommunications from MUET, Falak Naz worked a few weeks at office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) Ziauddin University Karachi. In the meantime she was selected for European Union-funded prestigious Scholarship of ERASMUS MUNDUS, as in global rank she stood second and first in Pakistan in her program of Erasmus Master on Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics (EMIMEO). This time more than 3000 candidates among 133 countries were selected in different master’s program under this scholarship. Let’s talk with Falak Naz regarding her initial education, career and on the scholarship.

Falak-Naz-Sindh-Courier-2Which personality is the inspiration behind your desire to study abroad on scholarship?

First of all, I am thankful to my parents and especially my father Maqsood Ahmed Soomro, who encouraged me at every step in the field of education. In today’s era, where it is very difficult to live and people are worried for butter and bread, I think there is no better example of those good parents who support their children especially girls for higher education. I got the inspiration to study abroad from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and former Governor Sindh and Prime Minister Mohammad Mian Soomro – a man of our own community and same hometown.

You belong to a poor family and amidst today’s high inflation rate it is very difficult to survive. How did you manage to bear the cost of your study, accommodation and food etc.?

Yes, it is very difficult to live in this very expensive era. In the beginning my parents supported me financially and the fee of studying from the school to the University was paid by my father from his hard earnings. Later, during my further studies, I worked as RJ at FM radio and as script and content writer to lighten the burden of my parents. While during my study at university level, I worked in various funded projects under the guidance of different professors. After completion of graduation in Telecommunication Engineering, I also worked as a Research Assistant in the same department and later on appointed as Assistant Manager in IEEE at MUET Jamshoro. As recently, I am pursuing Masters on Erasmus Mundus Scholarship which is fully funded by European Union.

Falak-Naz-Sindh-Courier-3Tell us about Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and share your experience of your studies and research?

In this scholarship, more than three thousand candidates from 133 countries of the world were selected for Master’s Degree program to be done from four countries including France, Italy, Spain, and England. In global ranking, a Brazilian girl stood first and I stood second whereas in Pakistan I stood first in ERASMUS EMIMEO program. Under this scholarship, I first came to France and completed a semester at the University of Limoges, then went to Germany for three weeks in connection with a research project. Currently, I am studying in my third semester at the University of Basque in Spain, while in the last semester I will be sent to a top ranking university in the UK. It is necessary to have the required marks to go from one country to another country, and with the grace of Allah, my score keeps getting better, so in this scholarship, I get opportunities to study and research in different universities of other countries.

What research you are doing in your master’s program?

Since I am a telecommunication engineer, my master’s research can also be done in the related field and under the scientific Nano and telecommunication technology of microwave frequency. Breast cancer can be cured with latest modernized methods of treatment. While earlier they used to cut the part of the patient’s body affected by breast or other cancer disease, now slowly through new research and tools only the specific affected cells are burned, which is also a complicated procedure.

While doing modern treatment through high and microwave frequency, it is thought that other cells are not affected. Through modern research, such tools are being prepared in which small particles are sent inside the body through Nano technology or radiation is given through operation on the body in such a way that only the affected cells of the body are burned. It will be possible to save the life of a cancer patient.

Falak-Naz-Sindh-Courier-4Would you tell us about your extracurricular activities?

I have been active as a volunteer in Pak US Alumni Network (PUAN), in local Rotary Club, Society of Women Engineers and various other socio-literary activities. I was the captain of Mehran University’s girls’ basketball team and also worked as an RJ on FM Radio. I read literature, poetry and other general knowledge books and also listen music in leisure time.

Engineer Falak Naz had great interest in sports, literature and music in leisure. During studies from school to university, She had the best interaction with students from different areas of Sindh, including girls. According to her, most of them were intelligent, smart and courageous, but facing social inequality, social problems and bad attitudes inside and outside the family. “Most of the girls in Sindh lack self-confidence, disappointment and fear of failure. “The girls of Sindh need the support of their parents, teachers and the government in terms of getting higher education and career counseling,” Falak Naz says.



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