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Explanations on Insects – Poetry from Vietnam

Explanations on Insects – Poetry from Vietnam
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Lam Bang

Poet Lam Bang from Vietnam Sindh CourierBui Van Bang, who writes poetry with the name Lam Bang, was born in 1959 at Ha Binh commune, Ha Trung district, Thanh Hoa province of Vietnam. He is Member of Vietnamese Writers’ Association and Vietnamese Journalists’ Association. His 13 books have been published including poetry, memoirs, comics, epics. He has won nine Literary Awards – Short story contest award (1993); Uncle Ho’s Poetry Competition Award (2005); End of Century Poetry Competition Award (1999); Le Thanh Tong Award (2005); Le Thanh Tong Award (2006); Le Thanh Tong Award (2010); Comic contest Award (2007); Comic contest Award (2009) and Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee’s Arts and Culture Award (2018).  

Explanations on Insects

Passing through my door is a fisherman

His bare back is full

A gecko is always sounding sleepy

Chronic song.


Outside my door is a river bank

Chaotically stepping away

Chaotically stepping back…

Idle ocypodidae, ocypode telling

Adventure stories…


In the hurry afternoon, the fishing village is so busy

Messy sound, messy young women…

Oh, oh at the riverbank, someone has not returned yet.


My doorway is suddenly satisfactory

The fisherman passes by

Carrying the high-pitched sound of women.

A flash passing by.


The gecko raises its ears

Sounding the song of all time…


A young woman

The young woman quietly puts away the vase

She does not use it anymore

Her beloved one is gone.


An ashtray is suddenly lonely

A window is also closed

Full of meaning.


Time is eroding freely

Phalaenopsis branch on the balcony is still nursing

Still reaching out as if not knowing the existence of the vase

And the existence of the ashtray…

An orphaned wind carelessly flipped the window curtains.


 The gecko on the roof of my house

The gecko on the roof of my house

Every night, he calls out: Tac ke…

It sounds very timely, so funny to hear that.

Sometimes at midnight, it even sounds

– Tac ke Tac ke.

My neighbor’s friend put it in a cage


It refuses to eat

And no more sound

It’s skinny

Fearing it would be died, my friend releases it go.

At night it sounds again behind my house

– Tac ke Tac ke


It is said that even sounds then it is rain and odd sounds it is sunny.

I don’t know if it’s true

There was a time, it was both rain and sunny.


I don’t know where it goes these days

Or someone tried to catch it to soak for medicine, so it was sad to leave…


Lack of the gecko sound is missing.

Every night, I wait for the sound of the Gecko…


Suddenly in the morning

She wakes up tired

The dark circles on her eyelids say so

She does not bother to water the flower cluster.


The phone ringing

Urging ringtones

She lazily clicks off.




Torturing her soul.


Just know she’s crying

She orders a cup of coffee

She buys a hidden corner

She buys a quiet corner.


She refuses the music

She refuses…

Because she is redundant of tears.


(Translated from Vietnamese into English by Khanh Phuong)



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