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Falling Deeper In Heartache – A Poem from Sudan

Falling Deeper In Heartache – A Poem from Sudan
South Sudan. Photo Courtesy: Doctors Without Borders

In the name of humankind, let us kneel down before the Almighty divine

Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla, a poet and writer from Sudan, a war-ravaged African country, shares his poem

Yousif-Ibrahim-Sudan-Sindh-CourierYousif Ibrahim Abubaker is a TEFL Teacher, Poet, Journalist, Activist, and Freelance Interpreter/ Translator from Umbda Omdurman – Sudan. He also has been working as a debate leader discussing various topics in many English Institutes, Centers, Academies and Schools. He can be reached at: americanslang64@gmail.com

Falling Deeper In Heartache

In the name of humankind

Let us kneel down before the Almighty divine

It’s abominable to hush

On shingle and dust

On the robust edge

Of jeopardy

It’s abominable to hush biding

From the dead

It’s unspeakable to hush in the scorching Schism of rank and file

Originated by subsistence

It’s abominable to hush after appearing through the mutilation of a toleration

It’s abominable to hush when the squab of rectitude coated bloodshed

It’s dreadful to hush

When hurt the first light and consternation about the showing moon

It’s dreadful to hush when peace is war

And war is peace

It’s awful to hush

In a world hell-bent

On dilapidation

It’s awful to hush when there is no leisure for the living

You were told the war should last, but it keeps going from day to day

And you omitted to smile

You are surrounded by losing heart

And you keep anxious for someone to be concerned

You leave that every door has its unparalleled lock

You still trust in a lucky future, where you will live in concert and peace

You’ll not deny those who have razed

You’re grilling and crushing in danger

You wish it all to go away

Distributing in the dazzling sun and troubles blown from our day

By gregarious haze

So onward

You intend to be out of the way of all pieces

From the patch of this ruthless battle

You tend everyone to be elated and smile

You trust in delight

Sudan unprecedented life is an outset

But you will come back, breathe, construct, live together, weigh, straightness and support

You do not die

You brace from the cleverness, predominantly tragic and grievous

Such as this nimbleness

Which you ask God for its evanescence and Sudan remains

And as it erupted, it will stop!


The poem depicts many difficulties because of the lack of security in the country due to ongoing battles within the country. We have been facing mobs on our way, other than the burden of travel and the different checkpoints by security forces. The fighting has turned urban areas into battlefields. The conflict has plunged Sudan into chaos, with combatants occupying homes, looting property, and committing other abuses.

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