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Sorrow without Relief – A Poem from Sudan

Sorrow without Relief – A Poem from Sudan
South Sudan - Displacement - Photo: UNHCR

Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla, a poet and writer from Sudan, a war-ravaged African country, shares his poem

Yousif Ibrahim Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker is a TEFL Teacher, Poet, Journalist, Activist, and Freelance Interpreter/ Translator from Umbda Omdurman – Sudan. He also has been working as a debate leader discussing various topics in many English Institutes, Centers, Academies and Schools. He can be reached at: americanslang64@gmail.com

Sorrow without Relief

Shred of blood drops from your heart-rending

You never thought you would be a part of the war-releasing events

Gashing emotions run flooded, but you’ll locate agleam days

You are enervated, your suffering has gone beyond all chains

Your souls have become a piece of hell worse than ever, but some of those who eloped from the city in the early days were also fighting to outrun, live a softly better life

Please makeshift now, for the sake of children, and the aims of the future of Sudan

Even those who flee from Khartoum to the comparative benignity of Port Sudan, on the Red Sea coast, are often scrabbling to live on

Hundreds of civilians are now living in a serried shelter that is formerly a school dormitory

You require residual refraining from warfare

You left aches and memories behind,

In reticence, our security slowly weakened

As we stir forward, no one’s to endure and be unscathed

You propel to an idle desert

You sort out the aisle like the back of your palm

You felt the ground beneath your feet

Oh, slick thing, where are you displacing?

You are getting graybeard

You are getting onerous

 and you need something to depend upon

You are getting puny, and you demand thereabouts to initiate

You come across a dried-out grass

You felt the footsteps there, looking at you

This can be the last of everything

So where do we tread? Somewhere only we never explore

Somewhere only we know

This can’t be the last of everything

I wish this world’s somberness would come to a wind-up


The poem captures that life isn’t always a stretch of uninterrupted happiness. If we can communicate our problems and listen to the tales of others who are going through similar issues, we may just overcome them. Remember, you are still a valuable human deserving of love and respect, no matter how terrible you feel right now.

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