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The Scent of Burning Breath – A Poem from Sudan

The Scent of Burning Breath – A Poem from Sudan
Photo Courtesy: Al Jazeera

Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla, a poet and writer from Sudan, a war-ravaged African country, shares his poem  

Yousif IbrahimYousif Ibrahim Abubaker is a TEFL Teacher, Poet, Journalist, Activist, and Freelance Interpreter/ Translator from Umbda Omdurman – Sudan. He also has been working as a debate leader discussing various topics in many English Institutes, Centers, Academies and Schools. He can be reached at: americanslang64@gmail.com

The Scent of Burning Breath

Let’s commence this year with sanguine thinking

The new winters come, and the archaic winters gone

You raise jesting with the evening

You embark on joking with the sundown,

You lay down, watering with the floodlight

You lie down, wailing with the shadow

You embrace the universe to its nettle

You subsist, you fall to charity deeds

You entwine your vanity, you fold your lifeless, and you whine

You promise, you fright, and that’s the weight of a winter dying in the umbra

Broad, long in the tooth, endorse the recent,

Peace out across the quick-acting

Peace out the pity that debilitates the mentality, peace out to all men

Corruption, war cause heavily death, modes of life, attitude, unmixed juridical

The disloyal coolness of the seasons

Peace out, squab my gloomy rhymes artificial boast in luxury and progeny

Peace in the love of sincerity truth

Peace in the mutual love of good

Peace out the millennium of contemporary striking

Peace in the millinery, winters of calmness

Recollect the chains of the winter when the recipient sees the light like a sliver of a new chance, disaster is fading away, there’s a recent winter coming your way

All letdown drowned with the shudder of cold air around

Your soul is your true beauty, reflected in your graceful and radiant character.


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