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In the wild-land of despotism – A Poem from Sudan

In the wild-land of despotism – A Poem from Sudan

Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla, a poet and writer from war-ravaged African country Sudan, shares his latest poem

Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker is a TEFL Teacher, Poet, Journalist, Activist, and Freelance Interpreter/ Translator from Umbda Omdurman – Sudan. He also has been working as a debate leader discussing various topics in many English Institutes, Centers, Academies and Schools. He can be reached at: americanslang64@gmail.com

In the wild-land of despotism

Your bloody battleground is vying for dominion, the ruling

By way, bullets fly, hearing out-yell

Outnumbers race die from several walks of life

Humans against humans, brother against brothers

If you don’t tidy up matters into certainty

Then, the sagacity will stick around bleary

Those with influence in their muscles

Their garments are too pure while you are in penury

They devour steak behind big curtain

And others leave this world while they are going through to survive

And others unsettle to uncharted shelter

People’s virtue has changed to malicious movies since the fire shot started out in the bottom of citywide Khartoum

Illegal deeds have taken tragic events: Exploitation, robberies, murdering & inflation prevail on the land of dignity

As long as oppression remains

As long as simple blood is spilled

Species have gained to be slain and called you’re going to hell on earth

You hold your heads and shout, shout

No matter how long would surcharge of melancholy and agony foam you

In the wild-land of despotism

You will never be able to wink your eyes

Or to resist your hopes and dreams

Or to expose the smiles to innocent mankind

Or to pull through your luxury

Therefore, your destiny will be burnt into ashes, ashes

As you know, their deep inhuman had made the freshness of effused blood out from the trembling of life and assassination

Millions of souls never born once again……

One heart is still for love to grow as fragrance flowers are sufficient for harvesting wealth

And one smile is enough to express happiness

And one land is enough for all Sudanese citizens, citizens

To live together as one nation

To rebuild destroyed land into fascinating existing landscapes beauty

To mingle multi-tribes to the greatest united friendly people ever

To instill respect and intimacy

Uphold side by side strong foresight to

Your patriotism can create peace and love to build over again our beloved Sudan as a miracle & forgiveness


Sudan Conflict: Photo by News Central-TV


The poem was written on Saturday 13th of January 2024. This poem captures that we still face many difficulties because of the lack of security in the country due to the security forces being occupied with the battles. We were faced with mobs on our way, other than the burden of travel and the different checkpoints by both security forces and Rapid Support Forces. The fighting has turned urban areas into battlefields. We raise our hands to God almighty and ask him to solve the problem of Sudan. Fighting since mid-April between Sudan’s regular army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. The conflict has plunged Sudan into chaos, with combatants occupying homes, looting property, and committing other abuses.

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