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The day I left Hue – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam

The day I left Hue – A Bouquet of Poems from Vietnam
The sunset over Tam Giang Lagoon in Vietnam

Hoang Thao, an eminent poet from Vietnam, the Land of Blue Dragon, shares his three poems

hoàng thao1Born in 1959, in Xich Dang village, Hung Yen province, Vietnam, poem Hoang Thao is graduate of Fine Arts. He is member of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists and Hung Yen Association of Literature and Arts. He has published 3 poetry collections.

The day I left Hue

The day I left
Hue was lonely
Her eyes lingered in old tastes and places
I was sad, facing the wind, drifting into dreams
She was lost in bewildered moments many times
Rain falling
Dear beloved Hue!
In winter, purple clothes were less in the Ancient Citadel
Yet the streets were not less of beautiful people, 
So many ruins turned green with mosses, waiting for…
I left that early, foggy morning, 
The harbor was illusory, dreamy mountains and yellow shadows.
She fell asleep in a dreamy old sleep
I was restless in the tangled Pha Tam Giang.
Dense fog was covered by leaves of a thousand trees
Huong Giang was quietly and sails returned to some distant places…

june_10_2014_x2.2_flare_cropA storm towards the sun

Blurred bright dots overlapping each other
Stretching across like a river
Dead celestial bodies – freeze cold in heart of the universe
Flashing bright dots
Overflowed fire
Opposite the moon
A mirror as bright as a young girl’s face
Life becomes poetry and romance
Caressing wind – a love song
Suddenly, the sounds of Amur bush warblers in a summer night
Banana leaves inclined in the wind…
Facing the sun
Blazing fire
Soil moving – young buds emerge
Early morning sunlight, birds chirping
Dew on the branches like wet eyelashes
A calf goes to the field, following its mother, running away
At the market in the neighboring village, you go with a friend
Always waiting for someone in the early spring…
Opposite at night – the black
Opposite at day – the blue
Facing the person is me
Facing you – rising fragile waves…
My heart has been deserted since that night
A blue star suddenly disappeared at the end of the sky
Which corner of stars forgets to shine brightly
Submerged in a mist somewhere…
My heart has been deserted since that day
The passionate sun visits the day
Burning for millions of years and melted
Blazing with red fireballs…
The heat is scorching
Wither – the universe behind the clouds
In the hissing sound in the center of the vortex
Two afternoons stagger like a drunken storm…
I’m standing here
 In the belt or eye of the storm
 The direction of the storm is heading
 From the sun…

Variation of a day

The day struggles through days of hardship
Distorted beer cans hidden among the mixed items
Unable to conceal the figure of a mannequin stuffed with replication straw in a rational field
File error
Leaving behind the five spices
The season is likely the same season
The saint’s words stand strongly across the series of comments
Present time
Ancient time
Similar to the same
Up and down life
Generalization meets generalization…
Half white hair dyed into a childish color
Old breasts stuff with smooth, fleshy silicone
Village-style streets
Villages akin to streets
Genetic error
Transforming into a reverted variation
Yet, a day is still the holy day…
(Translated into English by Khanh Phuong)

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