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Littleness – A Poem from Algeria

Littleness – A Poem from Algeria

Mohamed Rahal, a poet, artist and heritage researcher from Algeria, a North African country, shares his poem

Mohammad Rahal AlgeriaMohammad Rahal is an academic, poet, and artist, heritage researcher, based in Tebessa, the capital city of Tébessa Province region of northeastern Algeria. He is Irish media ambassador, and has participated in various forums and festivals.


We long for a beautiful past that will never return
The days of childhood are gone, they are gone
It’s past the time of my life. He asked me for a basket
Gone are the days of blessing, my dear one
He went with him when he was young
To think about childhood, it is a lot of fun for me
Liam then ironed the tambourine once
We think about my childhood before we turn around
My mother wrapped me in a bandana and a lock
It was covered with oil and wrapped around me
She breastfed milk from her breast
I laughed and saw that people were happy with me
Someone is playing with the shoes of a boy and a girl
I became aware of the raising of my beloved
The smell of carpets, dirt, and emptiness
I heard the senses saying to me
On my way, I lived like a villa
We call our elders, they always call me
We pray without ablution to pray
I grew up loving my family, Shiroli
Eid clothing is a must have for the party
A game with the Houma community
We played bass, zarbut and nahala
Small misery, so I rejoice in them all the time
Oh my family, we turned it and made it
We knocked on the door of neighbors, no, I didn’t say anything
We went out to the walls and stole the crops
We’ve been reading and they won’t tell me
Before the board, we walk in a hurry
We accept the guardianship of my family and they love me
I still have fear
The student is with Huma Baduli’s friends
When we see him, my tongue is afraid to slip
Years have passed for Liam Ghadouli
It has sweets for the ten friends
We brought it when my classes were long
Summer with fall and winter isolation
Today, see what time it tells me
Liam runs with the world and wears it out
My worries increased and my solutions were lost
I longed for us to go back to my childhood in oblivion

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