Home Literature/Poetry You regain your strength in unity – Poetry from Algeria

You regain your strength in unity – Poetry from Algeria

You regain your strength in unity – Poetry from Algeria

Mohamed Rahal, a poet, artist and heritage researcher from Algeria, a North African country, shares his poetry   

Mohamed Rahal - AlgeriaMuhammad Rahal is an academic, poet, and artist, heritage researcher, based in Tebessa, the capital city of Tébessa Province region of northeastern Algeria. He is Irish media ambassador, and has participated in various forums and festivals.

You regain your strength in unity

I didn’t know what happened to me?

I don’t know anyone else’s situation other than my own??

I was surprised by the situation of the Arabs next!!!

Conscience has died in the conscience of a nation

They sold Jerusalem and betrayed the precious one

The abode of disgrace, ugliness and disgrace


Oh people, you are humiliated

Oh traitor of custom, what do you say?

You sold the honor behind the majul

Life and decency are gone for them

My evening singing drums dance

She is dancing in the middle of the crowd


My successor was a shame

The fire of my heart, who can redeem the revenge??

Massacres that shook young lives

Look at the old people, they will bleed

O Gaza, we complain to the Almighty God

We see a day of resentment in them


You see, it was sleep

You listen to the news tomorrow and today

I don’t understand why we should do more

Every day is death and Gaza 🇵🇸 is darkness

O Lord, my Creator, the Most High and Ever-Subsisting

A relief for Gaza, removing the grief



We seek you, God bless you and your family

We miss you, we cry, we cry


A brother will guide you

Stillness of heart and soul


I swore we would not neglect you

We will pay you dearly and leave


You’ve spoiled your soul

Spirits call you and leave


Goodness and musk are upon you

You smell and smell


I stayed up dreaming about you

The lover makes him exposed


Zeina seduces me with colors

I am seduced by Arabic clothing

Sakhhab and Marjan tempt me

I am tempted by golden baskets


I’m tempted by linen fluff

I am tempted by the side of the air


Bernos Alwan seduces me

I am tempted by silver anklets


I’m tempted to play knights

And the return is saddled for me


Councils tempt me to a place

My lively evenings tempt me


I am seduced by your humor and melodies

You religiosity in the Persian form


You lure me to a place

I am tempted by the hustle and the goddess


I am tempted by the caftan fabric

Marjoum and embroidered gift


My country’s customs from a long time ago

Known from the era of the saints


You seduce me into adultery

I like that you can fence the bea


I am seduced by the joys of grooms

Mbhaha my habits are beautiful




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