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Voices – The Bouquet of Poems from Greece

Voices – The Bouquet of Poems from Greece
Greek Mythology - Painting Courtesy: Artlib Gallery

Eva Lianou Petropoulou, an awarded author and poet from Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, shares her poems

Eva Petropoulou Lianou - Greece- Sindh CourierEva Lianou Petropoulou is an awarded author and poet from Greece with more than 25 years in the literary field, having published more than 15 books. Her poems are translated in more than 20 languages. She is President of creativity and art of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association, representing Greece; President of Global UHE Peru, Vice President of Cultural Association China, Mexico. She is also the Ambassador of Peace for The Global Nation newspaper Bangladesh; World Ambassador of International Academy of Ethics India.


So many people cry for help

Cry for freedom

Cry for peace

But why we cry in our happy moments


Laugh…..when we are in a very difficult situations?

Maybe this is the self-defense of our organism

Still discovering the human brain

What is certain…!

It is that we have free will!



Mother is the doctor for any sickness

Mama is the country that everyone loves

Without conquering

Mama is joy and sorrow Mama the power

Mama the forgiveness

One word was created by God to forgive people

Say it every day

Call her if they put chains on you

To sweeten it the wound

To bring peace

My mom, you’re unique

You never told them you were upset

With gold I will cherish you

Chosen person

I crown you my mother

My sun

My compass




We don’t have the same way to show our feelings

Our eyes

Our hands

Our body are different

But love is unique

An energy that embrace us

Like the morning breeze


A garden in Greece

My Garden

It is life

Everything is surrounding us

Like two arms that embracing our new born


We need 4 seconds to fall in love

We need 8 years to develop our personality

And an entire life to discover

Who we are


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