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Children of Gaza – Poetry from Greece

Children of Gaza – Poetry from Greece

Children in Gaza, they all tattoo their names in their arms, because a day is too short, and maybe until the end of night they will become Angels

Eva Lianou Petropoulou, an awarded author and poet from Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, shares her poetry
Eva-Poet-GreeceEva Lianou Petropoulou is an awarded author and poet from Greece with more than 25 years in the literary field, having published more than 15 books. Her poems are translated in more than 20 languages. She is President of creativity and art of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association, representing Greece; President of Global UHE Peru, Vice President of Cultural Association China, Mexico. She is also the Ambassador of Peace for The Global Nation newspaper Bangladesh; World Ambassador of International Academy of Ethics India.

Children of Gaza

One war and one day

The children in Gaza

They say the word



And after they say



Children in Gaza

They all tattoo their names in their arms

Because a day is too short

And maybe until the end of night

They will become Angels


There is a whole world in the

West Bank

A kindergarten that bad dragons attack for a long time ago

Nobody helps

Nobody support

Nobody cares


The blood is cooling everywhere in Gaza

In the school

In the streets


Where the children supposed to play and laugh

Bombs have destroy the houses


Children in Gaza

Are born heroes

From their mother’s belly


Children in Gaza

They fight since they are born

Do not dare close your eyes

In this unfair reality


Don’t close your eyes in this genocide

Stand up for the children of Gaza


images (4)Happy Birthday

Happy birthday


Happy birthday



How old are you?

I am a year of war and one day

And you?

I am 2 years of war and 3 days

Let’s celebrate this special day, My brother and sister

Tomorrow the war will divide us

Children with no eyes

No legs

No ears

No smile

No faces


Children of Gaza

Innocent children

In sacred earth

That they sacrifice

To Evil


Prayers for children of Gaza

Prayers to stop this madness

Prayers to stop this genocide


Stop the blood of innocent children


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