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I am – A Poem from Greece

I am – A Poem from Greece
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If I am, you are not, if I exist, you don’t breathe

Eva Lianou Petropoulou, an awarded author and poet from Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, shares her poem
Eva Petropoulou Lianou - Greece- Sindh CourierEva Lianou Petropoulou is an awarded author and poet from Greece with more than 25 years in the literary field, having published more than 15 books. Her poems are translated in more than 20 languages. She is President of creativity and art of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association, representing Greece; President of Global UHE Peru, Vice President of Cultural Association China, Mexico. She is also the Ambassador of Peace for The Global Nation newspaper Bangladesh; World Ambassador of International Academy of Ethics India.

I am

If I am

You are not

If I exist

You don’t breathe


If I get stronger

You become weak

What kind of humanity is this??


If you spend money

On buying weapons

You make big gathering

To decide how many weapons



But you don’t care for the victims

You never care for what is happening to the earth


If you kill so many victims

Who is drinking the blood?


If I get weak

One day Death will come


And hungry


Because what you have given

It was to grow

An evil world

Stay away from the Dark……


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