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Playing in hell – Bouquet of Poems from Mexico

Playing in hell – Bouquet of Poems from Mexico
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The touch hurt me, It burned my skin, Childhood left its mark on me, With the caresses of the devil.

Mercedes Janeth Soto, an eminent poetess from Mexico, known for its rich culture and ancient ruins, shares her five poems  
Mercedes Janeth Soto - MexicoMercedes Janeth Soto Sánchez (1994). Originally from Los Reyes, Michoacán, a Mexican state. She graduated in Law from the Jesuit University of Guadalajara. She served as coordinator and editor of Cardenal Revista Literaria in Guadalajara until 2023. In this same year, she presented her work at the II International Poetry Festival in Etzatlán, Jalisco. The writer has published some of her literary works in magazines such as Buenos Aires Poetry, New York Poetry, PorEscrito, Monolito, Sindh Courier, Atunis Galaxy Poetry, Abogacía, among others. She has presented her work at the XIII LEA Festival in Athens, Greece, 2021. She got the ISSSTE scholarship at the Interfaz Cultural Festival in Guanajuato, 2018, and she also won the first place in the English language poetry contest for the Universidad de Las Américas in Mexico City, 2013.

Playing in hell

The touch hurt me,

It burned my skin,

Childhood left its mark on me

With the caresses of the devil.



When I learned that

The sores appeased his pain in hell

I submitted to the demons,

I loved playing with them and not feeling anything.


One day I met one of those fallen angels,

And I discovered that someone had pushed him to the earth,

Someone broke his wings, his bones and all his good memories.


He was a good man, but in this place

Anyone forgets it.


SanPedro-01San Pedro

You took me by the hand

At the same time

That the lights of San Pedro saw us to walk,

The sidewalks sighed

With the night wind

And your mouth recited

To the man of my life.

Time stopped

In the universe of your eyes

And it was into the darkness

That a new sun

Was born with your kiss.


MER321aa8f0b491ab55fc16b721d1d0d_outsidelands10xx-1024x683Love song

That song resurrects me in you,

Suddenly I open the eyes that I had already open

But now alive.


And I breathe from the memories,

Of the sun’s rays caressing

Next to my fingers your face,

Of the night keeping silence

So that no one notices

Of what happens in your car,

Of the Sacramento trains still,

Waiting for what didn’t happen,

Of your eyes like two blue beryl lamps

Illuminating the earthly vault

That had formed in my pupil,


I breathe again

I breathe

When my lungs are filled with you.


images (2)The lost map

Rest on my chest again,

And don’t let anyone find out about your electric look

When making love.


Let no one notice

That for you to touch a woman’s body

It’s like playing your favorite instrument.


Don’t let your gestures give away anyone else.

That the sea lives in your eyes,

But the waves in your body.


Let no one have the map

And I hope I can find you.


1_kLar5D7BgdcsaKMtxrDBTQAlmost something

I saturated my hours with vibrant cyanide

Of that capitalist love

To forget your name

I wanted to give myself more time

To know me in solitude,

“To be better”,

This in case you decided to leave completely

It could be a painkiller for ego,

In case the wait and respect

Only fueled the disappointment


Maybe I was wrong for the last time,

And I was probably the one who wasn’t ready.


I opened my eyes.

The road began to pulsate without your blood,

And my body no longer burned in that little

  But intense nest of memories.


I understood, that maybe yes, maybe someday

Or maybe never,

And it was then

That I let us free.


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