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Wisdom of ‘No’ in Ho Chi Minh – Poetry from Vietnam

Wisdom of ‘No’ in Ho Chi Minh – Poetry from Vietnam

Nguyen Van Dien, a poet from Vietnam, the Land of Blue Dragon, shares his three poems

Poet Van Dien from VietnamNguyen Van Dien, a poet from Vietnam, was born in 1958 at his hometown Hung Yen. He is member of Vietnamese Writers’ Association, Deputy Director of Vietnamese Literary Copyright Center, and Member of Hung Yen Literature and Arts Association. His published works include 3 poetry collections.

ho-chi-minh-2THE OLD KE*

 The old Ke was next to a mountain cave

The cigarette smoke was thoughtful

Waves of Karl Marx

To seek the morning dew in the afternoon


The wind rang in the Viet Bac area

Swinging white hair and beard

Traditional dress with the villagers

The spirit of immense hard laborers…


The Lenin stream rolled up

The Old Ke was thin

Exciting “the Path of Revolution”

Sowing “Saint” since then…


From the day of infancy

From the hardship arising

Becoming freedom and prosperity

The Old Ke – Ho Chi Minh

 (*The old Ke was one name of President Ho Chi Minh which was used when he lived and worked in Cao Bang province in 1945)


The-Best-Way-to-Spend-24-Hours-in-Ho-Chi-Minh-City-TuruhiWISDOM OF “NO” IN HO CHI MINH

The experience of life

Yes but no, no but yes

Very small amount

Is yes

Bubbling blue waves

Not to be

Nothing, does not matter

It’s not easy to get a reputation in life

Once in a time

The world once in a time

Outstanding great man

A person from “no one”

 Like sowing red seeds

For all ages

Shining in smiles

Uncle Ho is the brilliant image

His manner

And thoughts

The example of life soared high


Whole life was purity and starry

Uncle Ho’s sacredness carved into souls of the countryside.



When greed, anger and ignorance covered by fog

The daily routine of one person remained

Lived a simple life without fame or fortune

Of course, the impermanent bright spot


He was in high position with broad influence

The deeper and wider it was, the more it spread far

The Presidents of North and South Korea were the divides

The message of friendship was like a painting of flowers


Ho Chi Minh was holy among us

His whole life that kept to himself the word of “nothing”

To give everyone for freedom and charity

The fragrance of flowers will forever be in people’s hearts.


(Translated into English by HFT)

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