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Journalists of Three Continents Join the International Cooperation Protocol

Journalists of Three Continents Join the International Cooperation Protocol

Nos Khabar of UAE, the international (Congress of African Journalists) Magazine of Nigeria, The Voice from Cameroon, Firstnews.com from Ghana, and the World Organization of Writers from Russia join hands with Middle East Business, Sindh Courier and the Asian Arabic  

Five new platforms have joined the international media cooperation protocol, which brings together (Middle East Business), (Life), (Sindh Courier), and (The AsiaN) in Arabic; which are (Nos Khabar), UAE, the international (Congress of African Journalists) Magazine (CAJ) , Nigeria, The Voice from Cameroon, Firstnews.com from Ghana, and the World Organization of Writers (WOW) from Russia.

Nos Khabar…the whole story

Nos Khabar is an Arabic platform, based in Dubai that publishes in the Arabic language, and is directed to all Arabic speakers. It covers the widest segment of readers, news, journalistic templates, and vital topics in society, the world of business, culture, and the arts. It always relies on the professionalism of its team in investigating the facts and publishing the certain and most important ones.

Syrian journalist and poet Hani Nadeem summarizes the message of “Nos Khabar” of which he is editor-in-chief, saying: “Nos Khabar (meaning a half of news)… is the whole story. Today, news platforms and news agencies are competing to present events, each with its own way and style, and today, with this tremendous speed in keeping up with the event. Whether through citizen journalism or through long-established, supported news agencies, we build our platform, “Nos Khabar,” on our own journalism, and on the echoes that follow the news, which we discuss and analyze with lightness, agility, and conciseness. Our vision is to strengthen the position of the TGW Group with a media arm that provides it with more of attendance and increases its investment in media production, by participating in the event industry and providing specialized media material that becomes a reliable reference in the world of media, with the values of integrity, professionalism, and knowledge.”

The (Nos Khabar) website can be accessed via this link


International Cooperation Protocol-2
Hani Nadeem, Margarita Al and Michael Adeboboye

Continental Media in Africa and the Diaspora

As for CAJ International Magazine, it is one of the publications of the Congress of African Journalists, a unique organization of journalists of African descent around the world that aims to protect practitioners, improve journalistic practice, and create a large network on the African continent and beyond. Editor-in-Chief, Michael Adeboboye, is an international freelance journalist whose works have been published in international media in the USA, Asia and Africa.

Michael says of the magazine being published in Nigeria: “I welcome this development. It is a great network for Africa and the rest of the world to share ideas and content for readers without restrictions or language barrier. Our magazine has wide coverage of Africa with contributors from over 30 different African countries including the diaspora.”

He concludes: “This international collaboration will go a long way in bridging the gap of information dissemination to audiences around the world. Our magazine, which publishes stories on diverse topics from Africa and beyond, has agreed to be part of this major collaboration.”

International Cooperation Protocol-5A Voice from Cameroon

International Cooperation Protocol-4
Theodore Mih Ndze

The Voice is a bi-weekly general news publication focusing on politics, economics, people, education and entertainment. It also offers articles on culture, transport, sports, fashion, travel stories and talking photos. The Voice newspaper was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

“At The Voice we dig beyond the news and add short videos about Cameroon, Africa and the world, to delight you with audio and video clips and by-the-lines that will make you laugh and think,” says editor Theodore Mih Ndze. “We will bring the news here and there and take you to places and events.” ”

The digital version can be viewed via this link


The World Organization of Writers

International Cooperation Protocol-6
World Organization of Writers

As for the World Organization of Writers “WOW” website, it was established last year to be a gateway to all the world’s cultures. The organization’s memorandum of establishment was signed by poets and writers from 18 countries who participated during the sixth session of the Eurasia Literary Festival in Cairo (LIFFT), January 2023. The organization’s first congress is scheduled to be held in Abuja, Nigeria, April 2024, where it will present its first cultural awards.

Margarita Al, President of the World Organization of Writers, says: “We outlined our tasks in expanding professional interaction, exchanging experiences in organizing literary forums and festivals, increasing the prestige of literature and the authority of the contemporary writer in society, promoting and exchanging literary publications, supporting and promoting works with the perspective of the image of the future man, in addition to writers’ contribution to create a multipolar world with humanitarian priorities, and the (WOW) platform will be a mirror of this interaction in words and multimedia, we start from the experiences of seven years through the Eurasian Literary Festival of Festivals (LIFFT) platform website, between the years 2015 – 2023.”

WOW platform site


International Cooperation Protocol-3
First Newsroom from Ghana

Newsroom from Ghana

International Cooperation Protocol-7
Michael Sarpong Mfum

Firstnewsroom is a website trusted by readers looking for the latest news and updates, in politics, economics, education, entertainment, sports, science, health, and religion, provided by a team of professional editors and reporters. Firstnewsroom is guided by fair and objective reporting. Michael Sarpong Mfum is the Founder and Editor for www.firstnewsroom.com located in Ghana.

He believes that this partnership will help diversify and spread news sources, thus increasing the number of readers for platforms participating in the International Media Protocol.

First News Room articles can be accessed via this link


The Initiative Story

The writer Mohamed Munir, journalist at Al-Ahram, founder and editor-in-chief of (Middle East Business) and (Life Arabia), which are published in Arabic, English, and Chinese, invited Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, president of the Asian Journalists Association and editor-in-chief of the Arabic edition of the Future News Network (AsiaN), published in Seoul in Korean, English, and Arabic, and the veteran Pakistani journalist Nasir Aijaz, editor-in-chief of Sindh Courier (Sindh Courier), to join a joint protocol that allows writers of the three platforms greater space to interact with readers in Asia, Africa, and the world.

International Cooperation Protocol-1Silk Road of Media

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid stated that the protocol will not only expand the scope of reception but will also represent a new Silk Road of media, with its rich stations through opinion columns and various fields of journalistic writing. The writers of the three websites hail from more than fifty countries. The protocol will be a living table for dialogue and a vision of new ideas, discussing common concerns and proposing new solutions.

Bridge of Knowledge

Nasir Aijaz enthusiastically welcomed the proposal, emphasizing that the proposed mutual publishing initiative will not only expand the reader base but also act as a bridge between countries worldwide, especially Sindh and Pakistan, proving to be a significant source for spreading knowledge about culture, economy, political scenarios, and other life areas in the relevant regions, which were home to great civilizations.

In fact, union journalism allows media institutions from different countries to share their unique perspectives and stories, providing readers with a more diverse and comprehensive understanding of different cultures and tourist destinations. Through content sharing, media institutions can reach a wider audience across various countries, helping to promote cultural exchange and tourism opportunities on a global scale. This initiative will also help us access high-quality content from each other without the need for extensive resources or investments. This collaboration will enhance the sense of a global community and cooperation in promoting cultural understanding. Furthermore, union journalism will strengthen the credibility and accuracy of the information exchanged, helping to promote cultures and tourism in a more trustworthy and reliable manner.

Broader Horizons

Mohamed Munir, founder and editor-in-chief of Middle East Business and Life Arabia, said, “We at (Middle East Business) and (Life Arabia) are proud to collaborate with (AsiaN) and (Sindh Courier) in this international protocol. This partnership will enable us to offer diverse and rich content to our readers in Arabic, English, Chinese, and Korean. We believe that exchanging articles and ideas across these platforms will enrich our readers’ experience and broaden their horizons.

This collaboration is an important step towards building a media bridge connecting different cultures and societies, enhancing understanding and mutual appreciation. We look forward to offering content that addresses the issues and concerns of societies in Asia, Africa, and the world as a whole, focusing on presenting new solutions and perspectives for shared challenges.

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We are pleased to be part of this growing media network and look forward to effectively contributing to this initiative that enhances cultural exchange and broadens awareness among different peoples.”

Adding, “This protocol is not just a media collaboration but a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences between multiple cultures. We strive to be a bridge through which readers can cross into new horizons of knowledge and culture. Our goal is to provide content that is deep, diverse, accurate, and reflects multiple viewpoints from around the world. Through this collaboration, we hope to have a positive impact on communities by promoting mutual understanding and highlighting inspiring stories and experiences from different cultures. We look forward to this protocol being a window through which Arab and foreign pens can view the world, contributing to spreading awareness and knowledge. In an era of rapid events and developments, we see this collaboration as an opportunity to provide comprehensive and balanced coverage, reflecting reality in all its dimensions, respecting our readers’ intellects, and enriching their understanding of the world around them.”

New Partnerships

Munir concluded his speech, saying, “We consider this collaboration with (AsiaN) and (Sindh Courier) just the beginning of a new and ambitious phase in our media journey. We look forward to expanding our network by establishing partnerships with major media institutions around the world for joint publishing. Our goal is to create an international media network that contributes to enhancing cultural and knowledge communication between different peoples and cultures. We believe these partnerships will open new horizons for exchanging diverse and rich media content, benefiting all participating parties.

This type of collaboration enhances the chances of providing more comprehensive and diverse media coverage and helps build a deeper and broader understanding of global issues.

Sindh Courier

Sindh Courier, an online news and opinion service, and a non-profit, non-commercial organization, was established five years ago for convergence, especially among writers, poets, and artists from different countries around the world. As a result of this initiative, Sindh Courier (sindhcourier.com) received a positive response and succeeded in developing a network of writers, poets, and artists. It now enjoys a broad readership base in over 50 countries, while writers, poets, and artists from several countries, including China, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Nepal, and others, regularly share their works, which are published by Sindh Courier. I would like to specifically mention Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, who not only wrote regularly for Sindh Courier since its inception but also helped connect it with the community of writers and poets in Africa and other continents. In the end, I must thank him and appreciate his tireless efforts.


The AsiaN is the media portal of the Asian Journalists Association, along with the periodic print magazine N (Magazine N), founded by the veteran Korean journalist  Lee Sang-ki on 11.11.2011 in the South Korean capital Seoul. In its first year, it was published in Korean, English, and Chinese, then the Arabic language was added after one year (November 11, 2012). More than 240 journalists and writers from over 50 countries across the continents write in Arabic for AsiaN. It focuses on translating cultures as an Arabic gateway to the literary world. It is edited by Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, president of the Asian Journalists Association, and its electronic portal address is (ar.theasian.asia).

Middle East Business and Life Arabia

Middle East Business and Life Arabia is a leading media platform and a forum for intellectual and cultural interaction. It offers multiple perspectives reflecting significant editorial diversity. Founded in 2000 by writer Mohamed Munir, a journalist at Al-Ahram, it provides comprehensive coverage of economic and political affairs in the Middle East region. It is characterized by providing deep analyses and reliable news in Arabic, English, and Chinese, making it a primary source of information for readers interested in the economic and political dynamics of the region. The magazine is distinguished by its diverse content, covering business, politics, technology, culture, art, sports, and more. Middle East Business and Life Arabia is an important source for accurate news and analyses, offering readers a comprehensive view of current events in the region and their global impact. The electronic portal address is (mebusiness.ae). Middle East Business and Life Arabia prides itself on the diversity of its contributing writers, which includes writers from various orientations and cultural, economic, and political backgrounds. The platform’s writers have extensive expertise in multiple fields such as politics, economics, culture, technology, and arts, making the content presented rich and multidimensional. It reflects the intellectual, cultural, and geographical diversity of the region and the world. This diversity allows for presenting varied perspectives, enhancing mutual understanding and constructive dialogue among readers from different cultures.





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