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Women – Poetry from Greece

Women – Poetry from Greece
Women in ancient Athens

Eva Petropoulou Lianou, a renowned poetess and author of children’s literature from Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, shares her poems

Eva Petropoulou Lianou - Greece- Sindh CourierEva Petropoulou-Lianou was born in Xylokastro, Greece. In 1994 she worked as a journalist for the French newspaper “Le Libre Journal” but her love for Greece won her over and she returned in 2002. She has published ten books and eBooks: “Me and my other self, my shadow”, “Geraldine and the Lake elf” in English – French, as well as “The Daughter of the Moon”, in the 4th edition, in Greek – English. Her work has been included in the Greek Encyclopedia Haris Patsis. Her books have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, for the Student and Teacher library. Her new books, “The Fairy of the Amazon Myrtia “dedicated to Myrto with a disability, and Lefkadios Hearn, Myths and Stories of the Far East, illustrated by Sumi-e painter Dina Anastasiadou, were released in 2019. She recently published her book “The Adventures of Samurai Nogas san” in English by the publishing house OntimeBooks, based in England. She collaborates with the electronic literary magazine ‘The poet magazine’. She partners International Literary Union based in America; collaborates for the promotion of literature and promotes the work of Greek poets. Eva is a member of the “Association Alia Mundi Serbia”, the “International Society of Writers and Artists of Greece” and the “Piraeus Society of Letters and Arts” as well as the Corinthian Writers Society. She is President of Greece Association Mille Minds of Mexico; International Ambassador of e _magazine Namaste India; Advisor and Editor in chief Web Magazine Hubei China; Advisor Member of editorial board Las Olas del Arte Magazine Belgium, and Editor in chief Prodigy magazine USA. She is also President of creativity and art of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association, President of Global UHE Peru, and Vice President of Cultural Association China, Mexico. She is also the Editor in chief of ACHERON magazine, Editor in chief of The Pen magazine, Bangladesh, Greece. Her poems are translated in more than 15 languages.


They born
They do not become
They are the pillars of societies
Or tribus
They are
They exist


Creators of rainbows
Of Angels
Of Gods
Show them respect
As you respect your mama
Your daughter
Your sister


We supposed to be all together
But the new societies
Makes us enemies
Without care
With sympathy
Without empathy
Without self-respect


If women they could remember their purpose
The world it could be different


E16O8Vl2_400x400Poetry unites people

We are here to believe
To share our dreams
To share our verses
Our beautiful soul
We are here to cooperate
To feel
And bring happiness


We are here to make our dreams in reality
We are here to respect
The nature
We are here
We follow our intuition
We are here for a better world


Wishing all
To love themselves first
To love each other
To give
Better give than receive
That makes us better person


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