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Farzana Chandio – An internationally known Young Authoress from Larkana

Farzana Chandio – An internationally known Young Authoress from Larkana

Farzana Chandio – An Internationally known Young Authoress - Sindh Courier-1Farzana Chandio, an internationally known young authoress from Larkana was recently interviewed online by Stefania Miola, an eminent poetess and writer of Italy for an Italian magazine. She has shared this interview with Sindh Courier.


Farzana Chandio, internationally known as Farahen Chandio, being her pen name, is a researcher, writer, columnist, authoress and educator. Internationally, she is also known as an advocate of women’s rights, voice of oppressed, promoter of literacy and education and peace ambassador.

Born on October 17 1996 and grown up in Larkana, Sindh she has done the Masters in the Education and M.Sc. in Pakistan studies.

Published books

Crisis of Women in 21st Century (2019)

Different Curriculum System in Public & Private Schools: An analysis (2020)

Internationally (Amazon) published book ‘Women in Dark Waters (2021)


Nominated for the Global Change-Makers Award 2020 

US & Pakistan Reading Project Award holder

Pakistan’s Women Role Model Award 2021 holder

Many international recognition and appreciation certificates in the field of the education and Peace Ambassador

Farzana Chandio – An Internationally known Young Authoress - Sindh Courier-2Interview

When I was a child, I dreamed to become a journalist or a police officer; but my family’s wish for me was to become a doctor.

In my childhood, I never wanted to read any book even I was not ready to go to the school. My mom and my grandma were worried about me, because I had always remained a very naughty and dour. I always used to play in mud. When I became four years old, my mom wanted to send me to a school; but I was not ready to go to a school. According to my mom and grandma, I was crying when I heard about the school. According to them, I was crying because I didn’t know about the class, pen, and book. Finally, I reached the school with new bag, shoes and uniform. My mother told me my face was shining because I was so beautiful to be innocence; big and black eyes, small mouth with thin lips and cute white face. Whosoever looked at me, would have wished to love me.  Although I was naughty and dour but loved by everyone because of these two my natures, my family was taking care of me a lot and tried to fulfill my every want and need at once even it would be the midnight. If I woke up and asked for anything, they would give me at once. If it was not available then that my grandma was taking me on her shoulders and started playing with me up to the sunrise but never said ‘No’ to me.

Sleep down now! May a black angel will come and would eat you in the night time.

In addition to this, when I reached in the class with teary eyes and red cheeks, I found different children sitting in the class with a teacher, one chalk and blackboard along with a stick. When I looked at stick, I had started crying further. But I was left in the class with words of my grandma that she would come back in break time.

With a sentence that she would come back in the break time, I never ever focused on my study. Whatever a teacher was teaching, it looked like the ghost’s words while a stick was dancing in front of my eyes. I was just waiting for the ring of the bell of break as I could meet with my grandma from the break-time up to the off-time. I was just looking at the bell which was hanging in the beautiful garden, and the gate of the school which was very near from the window of my class. Indeed, school was for me as a jail. Yes. I was a very dull student, at every coming day, I had a complaint letters. If today I would collect all my complaint letters and bind in a book form then it could be a thick history book.

I had spent four years in my primary school, but never read any letter. I was totally unaware of my study and holding of a book. My mom and grandma were so worried, but they always used to counsel me as I could focus on study. My primary school teachers were bizarre by me because of my dour nature and never took interest in study. Anyhow, I passed out my primary school and going to take an admission in the high school. It was away from my home. We children had to go to the school by school bus. And it was like a trip for me.

I was excited to go to the school again with carrying the different books and large school bag, but didn’t know any word from those books. I was ready to go to the school, because I got an admission in the 6th class. That high school which was a very big school of my city, with a lot of things for playing and many different things for eating; finally I went to the school and I selected a front chair for me.

I was happy in new environment. After passing three days, my teacher had said to me that you would not sit on this chair because this chair is for the most talented and class-head-girl.

My eyes were in tears.

“Okay! Then where I have to sit?” I asked from my teacher. She replied, “At the very back of chair in the class”. The reason was that I didn’t know even a single letter. I was a poor in study. I was not able to read and write, that’s why I had been pushed back. I was not feeling insult because my age was not to think like this, as my nature was stubborn. I only wanted to sit on front chair; although I was a poor in study, but I never wanted to see me back.  On that day, with my teary eyes, I promised to myself that I would have to work hard not for to become a doctor as my mom always used to say for me, but just for this chair. And I started to keep myself busy in study, even though I had started to burn both parts of the candles.

Within three days of work hard, I got my chair back and I had been chosen by the class teacher as a class head-girl/prefect. I was controlling the 150 girls because we had an overcrowded class. Again smile came back on my thin lips.

From that stage, I started to write a short story. My first short story which I wrote in my 6th class was on a sad flower, and my second most liked story by my teachers was on a parrot.

Farzana Chandio – An Internationally known Young Authoress - Sindh Courier-3My writing journey had started from my 6th class, but, as a public figure, I have been risen up in the age of 18/19 when my first article was published in the different newspapers.

Within some years, I had been grown up as a researcher, writer, columnist and authoress.

My family’s dream was to see me a doctor in profession. I tried for it, but I left the medical and joined the education department. Still my dream is with me that I haven’t achieved it. I am working day and night to fulfill my dream which is to become a bureaucrat. Yes, I love bureaucracy!

My intention is to serve the people; my first priority is human; I am working voluntarily for women and children.

Farzana Chandio – An Internationally known Young Authoress - Book Title- Sindh CourierMany helping hands are those who have always helped me whenever I have called them.

During my journey towards my different goals in the field of the writing or in certain other things, people would have helped me many times. I don’t want to forget those people who have always helped me. I don’t remember the day when I asked to anyone for my help and someone had denied it. No!!

May be I am lucky! Yes, we can say. And there might be some people who can be jealous with us. No doubt, there are people who are jealous. Indeed, my close friends can be.

Jealousy factor I have faced from my college-life up to today. People have jealousy. They are shocked how I have achieved my best position in my young age.

In my study, I have always remained a position holder from my school to the university. I have certificates, trophies, medals and many appreciations.  Presently, I have appreciation not from my country but around the world.

In short, life has always brought ups and downs. After all my downs I tried to hide my pain and keep a smile on my face and use to laugh to others. I have good sense of humor according to my friends and colleagues.


Stefania Miola - ItalyStefania Miola is an eminent Italian poetess who lives in a small town on the outskirts of Turin. Since 2015, three books of Stefania have been published – “One sky – the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”.
These books were presented at the Turin International Book Fair and all books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses. In 2020, she signed the preface of an important catalog of Contemporary Art. Stefania Miola had been writing for Sindh Courier.