Contemporary World Literature- Chinese Poetry

Contemporary World Literature: Chinese Poetry

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Contemporary World Literature- Chinese PoetryContemporary World Literature Chinese Poetry

By Sue Zhu

Contemporary World Literature - Chinese-Poetry- Sue Zhu- Sindh CourierSue Zhu ( 淑文) , a Chinese poet, painter and entrepreneur, organizer of international cultural exchange, lives in Auckland. She is Member of Chinese Poetry Society, director of NZ Poem Art Association, honorary director of the US-China Cultural Association, one of the founders of NZ “All Souls Poetry” club, editor and advisor for some Chinese poetry clubs and magazines in China, USA and New Zealand.

She was a Judge and organizer for 2019 first “Left dragon Right Tiger Cup” international Poetry Competition of China, Vice Chairman for the first and second Montreal International Double Fifth Culture Festival Commemoration of Canada (2019-2020).

 She published articles since 1995, published three books of Children’s Education Department Series. Her poems and painting were published in Chinese main newspapers magazines such as People’s Daily, Selected Poems and international media such as World Journal, International Daily News, USA Houston Garden of Verses, Italy Immagine & Poesia, Austria Worte & Welten, Atunis Galaxy poetry…Some have been translated into English, French, Macedonia, Hindi and Arabic…

 She has won the Il Meleto di Guido GozzanoLiterary Prize (International Section) — X (2020), a second prize of Monkey King Cup world Chinese poetry competition 2020.

A second place in the first “Jifengtang Cup” national literature competition of China in 2018, third prize of 2018 “Poetry and World” International poetry competition, second place in China Village magazine 2018 poetry marathon Competition. In 2019 she was awarded the certificate of Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts and Culture.

The remembrance of Snow

A few snowflakes moved ahead towards JiangCheng*

Gently touched down on the shore, until end of the year

They were kidnapped by the cruel cold wind

Recruited frantically the soldiers

And prepared horses to raid the city!


Everything was targeted, and no one was to escape

Now each object is covered with pale-whiteness

All faces, even doors and windows are masked

The lockdowns have locked the towns

Horror prevailed over plains and plateaus

From the Yangtze to the farthest end of the globe

Across the four oceans

From one season to another, there is a dance of death.


At the daytime snow seem soft and sporadic

But at night it is as hard as an iron block

I hear squeaking sounds of the branches and eaves being crushed

I hear some noises of avalanches at the distance.


Are they still those elegant elves?


Sobering at midnight, counting the sheep, stars and days in silence

Peaceful holy moonlight

Shines on the white sheets and walls

With unlimited mercy and grace

People in sleepless plight struggle to pray

Long for the sooner—

“The rooster crow louder at dawn… “*

 JiangCheng: A nick name for Wuhan of China
“The rooster crow louder at dawn… “This sentence was quoted from poem titled “To the Wine” by Lihe who was a poet of Tang Dynasty of China. He describes that when dawn comes, the night ends, all the truth will come out. From the beginning of Coronavirus in Wuhan, it spread to all over the world, People are eager to know the truth where it came from to avoid it happening again in the future.

To My Daughter

In one afternoon

I wrote a long letter and sent a gift to you my daughter

Who are far away from me and just turned 16 years old


The choice apples throughout the ages

With their origins marked out one by one


One is from the distant East Eden

And a golden apple burning in a wedding banquet

Still another one handed into the dwarf’s window by an old lady

There is one that once appeared in Socrates’ class

There is also an imaginary one set by Fromm’s goal that he was to try to jump up to reach

There is still another one discarded away by the careless Charlie,

Just waking up Newton who was meditating

Besides there is one that once went across the Sahara Desert with a traveler

Another one is a token of love under the apple tree outside the fence in 1942

And there is still one more from the garden, which we have been cultivating together


Those apples have their own aromas

That can be made into a uniquely flavored jam

Accompanying you for your whole life

Have a good journey

 English Translator: Jimmy Wei (New Zealand)

Each snowflake is accompanied by a metaphor

A small winter butterfly sleeping on my forehead,

I don’t think this a dream that

The cicadas singing around the red cherry tree,

A cloud of white butterflies

Stopping and then gliding down.


It’s an unexpected moment

An unexpected meeting with no reason

For a long time, the idea of writing has been just raised from

Its silhouette merged into the light source in the distance,

Quickly disappeared


Oh, a small white butterfly

That has a noble rich past life,

Flying out of the slender river in this life

Cross the sea, bring its own mission.


For the sky

For the earth

Or just for one person

A big snow falls deeply in his heart.

Never Cry 

Always arrives before dawn

Always sets up stage before storm

Puts flower apron on, Maximizes autumn colors

With orchid fingers onto stool


Water flows over shells

Slides through radish and eggplant

Silt penetrate the mesh

Get morning sun light settled down 


Not the wind drifting across street

Nor about hawkers’ trade

Pinch of salt, spirit of lyrics

Yellow greens are life indeed


Flapping wings like a swallow

All the way home for the lucky day

Withdraws her temporary props and costumes

If tangled by snow or heavy rain


My aunt lives far away from me

As a professional singer and dancer when she young

Left stage with no hope one day

Whole world suddenly upside down


Renting a place from community

Selling eggs from her own farmland

Selling seafood and veggie from oversea

Songs fly everywhere


“Soar is the soul of birds, rainbow belongs to sky

No matter when no matter what happens

Must stretch wings, sing hard! “

That’s what I was told by my aunt