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FEAR – A Bouquet of Poems from Croatia

FEAR – A Bouquet of Poems from Croatia

Jasna Gugić

Jasna Gugić - Croatia- Sindh CourierJasna Gugić, born in Vinkovci, Croatia, is the Vice-President for public relations of the Association of Artists and Writers of the World SAPS; Global Ambassador of Literacy and Culture for the Asih Sasami Indonesia Global Writers, the Creative Magazine Ambassador for Croatia; and a member of Angeena International, a non-profit organization for peace, humanity, literature, poetry, and culture. She is also co-editor of the anthology, Compassion—Save the World, one poem written by 130 world poets. The last important award with a single nomination for Croatia was awarded by UHE – Hispanic World Writers’ Union – César Vallejo 2020 World Award for Cultural Excellence. Jasna is a multiple winner of many international awards for poetry and literature, and her work has been translated into several world languages. Her first independent collection of poetry was published in 2021, a bilingual English-Croatian edition, entitled Song of Silence. She lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. Many of her poems have been translated into several foreign languages and are represented in joint collections. Her poems have been published in magazines in the USA, Spain, Greece, Italy, Russia, India, Syria, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Bangladesh, Serbia, Albania, Nigeria, Belgium, China, Chile, Nepal, Pakistan, Korea, Germany and etc.


I’m standing naked
In front of my own fear.
Only him and me
In front of the mirror of life.
And I’m watching him
With wide eyes opened and
I’m asking him, is he afraid of my ego
And my crazy desire to win.
He looks silently at me, my fear,
Indifferent, without a blink of an eye
Without a heart,
And no hugs.
But now I feel like I’m prevailing,
Crossing all obstacles of self-pity,
And the curses of the evil men in black.
And I feel my big fear shrinking
As I walk on my toes,
Overrunning years of nonsense.
And I was born again
In the glare of the Universe,
Free of burdens of the life
Free to fly, somewhere where
No one can touch my wings
Of dreamer.



 I could only write about
You long,
Tender and incessantly,
Without reason,
Without blinking,
No regrets.
Just like my heart
Without programs,
Without schemes,
No combination.
Because you are,
Of course,
And lazy,
But as if I knew everything about
You and you around,
As if it had always belonged to those
 I could only write about
You and I touch the stars with
My hands
Because you gave me your shine.



Tell me
My sorrow,
How to rest
Of life,
Like a jewel thief
In a dead end.
How to give
Such a poor guy
Broken hopes
Full of regrets
To make him happy.
Like in a cloud
Full of rainy sorrows
I’m painting a rainbow
Full of life’s joys.
Tell me
My sorrow.



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