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Catch the Wind – A Bouquet of Poems from Croatia

Catch the Wind – A Bouquet of Poems from Croatia

Slava Božičević, an eminent poet from Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, known for its beautiful beaches, shares her three poems

Slava Božičević - Croatia- Sindh CourierSlava Božičević, born in Zagreb, Croatia, has education in medicine, journalism, ecological medicine (miljőmedic.studie in Sweden, university).
She worked as a professional in all the above mentioned fields both in Croatia and Sweden. She lived and lectured in the schools of Sweden for 30 years. Slava writes short stories, essays, poetry, prose and articles on human rights, world peace and ecology.
She is the author of four poetry collections: two are published in Sweden, and the other two in Croatia. Last book In defiance of time is translated into English and published in Prodigy edition, Arizona, USA, 2023. Hr poems are found in more than hundred collections, anthologies, almanacs and books published by houses in her homeland and abroad. Her poems are translated into Swedish, English, German, Italian, Romany, Serbian, Macedonian, Russian, Greek, and Albania.
She has won many awards for her work. She has titles doctor honoris causa for literatur/ Serbia, for Peace and Human rights / Lebanon, German, a title Ambassador in few country.

sunset-3156176_640CATCH THE WIND

You came into my life silently.

Like the wind when caresses in passing.

As a gift you were giving me your kisses and verses

Flickering like the leaves of the high tree crowns

Of the green giants.


There where the wind composes its symphonies.

The wind of happiness embraced us for a moment.

Catch the wind and ask him for me!

The harsh words were brought and carried

Away by the storm wind,

Sometimes the wind brings me

The familiar scent of your tobacco.


I have touched the breezy, cobwebby clouds.

I am singing the songs with no words

And the wind brings them to you as my gift.

Catch the wind and ask him for me.


photo-1522075782449-e45a34f1ddfb_1050xTHE BLESSED TIME

You have dressed me with your tenderness,

You keep me warm with your ardent love,

You rock me in the arms of happiness.

You have built the nest for me.


You live for me.

I have given you my heart as my gift.

And all me.


I love to disappear in yours arms

And to forget the time.


A beautiful view of Croatia


The silence is the ceremony

When the snow falls.

Then it is the quietest.


The silence is full of the universe energy

And it pulsates strongly when

The two are in love and keep silent,

The silence screams when you are restless,

Empty or alone.


The silence is the deepest stillness.

The frozen ocean or the bottom of

The hell when the loved person dies in your arms

I feel the silence with all my senses

When by the silver moonlight I am walking

By the quiet sea and the soundless stars,

These guardians of our secrets are

Twinkling merrily.


Then I greet all those I love

And send them my hugs.

I wave with the greeting even to the beloved

Ones who do not walk along with me anymore.

Because they are somewhere.

There at the unknown address wrapped in the eternal silence.

The silence is the sanctity.


Angela KostaShared by Angela Kosta, an Albania-born eminent Italian poet.

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