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Sunlight falling on the spire – A poem from Korea

Sunlight falling on the spire – A poem from Korea

Jang Jeong Sun, a poetess from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares her poem

Jang Jeong Sun Korea Poetess - Sindh CourierPoetess Ms. JANG JEONG SUN graduated from Daegu University of Education and received a master’s degree in Korean Language Education from Yeungnam University Graduate School of Education. She worked as an elementary school teacher. She made her poetry debut in 2016 with the monthly magazine ‘Simunhag’. She is a member of the Korean Simunhag Association, Korean Modern Poets Association, Korea Literary Association, Korean Literary Critics Association, Korea Healing Literature Association, and Ieodo Literary Association. She received the ‘Korea Literary Critics Association Award’, ‘Baekun Literary Award’, ‘Korea Healing Literature Award’, and ‘Korea Healing Writers’ Association Award’. Her poetry collections include: Finally Sunny (2020), and ‘Overcoming the Last Night (2023).

Sunlight falling on the spire

Breaking through the wall between the ivy vines,

The sunlight is trying hard to intervene.

Like the eyes of countless crowds,

A groom with curly hair waits for his bride

Cello and violin,

Cornet and viola,

Please don’t stop the beautiful prayers

Lady with black hair, man in turban

Asian and Western handshakes are combined,

Heading to the spire

Ah, it’s a moment of loss for the hourglass.

The longing of sorrowful eyes takes root

On a tablecloth embroidered with yellow roses,

A servant in yellow clothes pours a bottle of water

Wine pours with a halo

The quartet of life is reaching its peak.


e115624b9bb9879e2bcc723cbfb96a64첨탑 위에 내린 햇살


담쟁이덩굴 사이 벽을 뚫고

햇살은 끼어들고 싶어 안간힘을 쓴다

수많은 군중의 눈빛처럼

곱슬머리의 신랑은 신부를 기다린다

첼로와 바이올린

코넷과 비올라의

아름다운 기도는 멈추지 말아

까만 머리카락의 숙녀, 터번의 남성

동양인과 서양인의 악수는 합쳐져

첨탑으로 향하고

모래시계는 상실의 찰나구나

애절한 눈빛들의 갈구는 뿌리를 벋는다

노란 장미가 놓인 식탁보에

노란 하인이 물병을 붓는다

포도주가 후광을 받으며 쏟아진다

생명의 사중주는 절정을 치닫고


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