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Feminism: Reset Your Mindset

Feminism: Reset Your Mindset
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It’s time to support those women who are not provided their rights

After a thorough analysis, I figured out several things about feminism that I will share here.

Firstly we should know that what feminism means.

The feminism means believing that the men and women have equal rights. If we look around this world, we can know several issues related to feminism. There is no equality between the rights of men and women. The rights activist are striving since decades for the rights that women deserved.

As regards situation in Pakistan, we know that the girl child faces a lot of discrimination. It starts from the womb and ends on female foeticide. A male child always gets more and more response than a female child. This gender inequality still exist among us. Not only this but, most of the time, a female child is treated inferiorly and, this is engraved in the mind of a female child. Male childbirth is admired, as opposed to female children.

Most people think that a female child or girl is a burden upon them until they got her married. Such people think why to invest money in her as she will eventually get married. They do not realize that an educated girl not only becomes a good sister or daughter but also an amazing mother. It is a mother is a person who teaches her child the difference between bad and good, wrong and right, and teaches her child a way which will lead him or her to the right path. If the women do not know the difference between good and bad, wrong and right by herself how she can teach her child the way he or she needs.

Feminism - PinterestI was trying to understand why most of the people are still illiterate in Pakistan. Now I realize that gender discrimination is also a great reason behind it – most people are not educating their daughters and sisters or wives.

Not only is this but sexual harassment of girls also involved in it. If we look around in our country, we will know that there is a large number of girls who are molested. Men have a mindset that they are privileged but that does not mean that they have right to abuse or harass women.

Most of the people abuse them physically and others do it by their eyes and behavior. If a woman goes louder upon that they start accusing her.

Many people do not ask their daughters’ choice for marriage, and do not think whether she would be happy with the person they are getting her married.

In certain cases people give the women the independence to show off but, they do not provide them their interdependence.

Most common issues are that they do not just abuse physically but mentally also. On the contrary, a woman always thinks about the respect of the family and herself too.

Now it’s time to support those women who are not provided their rights. The people must reset their mindset.

Sumaya Shahid Chandio

Nawabshah Sindh


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