Home Culture First ever Bohra Food Festival organized in Karachi

First ever Bohra Food Festival organized in Karachi

First ever Bohra Food Festival organized in Karachi

The specialty of the festival is ‘Bohra Thaal’, which contains 8 dishes and is served to one family to eat sitting together   

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For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the Bohra Community has organized the Bohra Food Festival in Karachi, which received a great response from the community people and other citizens on its first day, when it was inaugurated on Friday.

A large number of people – male, female and children attended the three- day festival organized in Nazimabad area of Karachi.

Bohra Food Festival-3More than one hundred food stalls were setup at the festival including Bohra traditional foods and other delicious and popular foods. The specialty of the festival was Bohra Thaal which is served to a family to eat together eight different dishes. The organizers of the festival have introduced online booking system for the Bohra Thaal.

Bohra Food Festival-2Moreover, a restaurant named as ‘Cooking Education’ has been established where the children can cook dishes of their own choice. The children are also taking part in cooking competitions here. Cooking competitions between men are also held at the festival. On first day of the competition between men, they prepared Chapatis. According to organizers, such competition was aimed to develop awareness among the male members of family so that the burden over the women could be lessened. The men, trained in cooking could help their women at home.

Bohra Food Festival-4The organizers told the media that festival was aimed at introducing the Bohra culture and traditions to the citizens and bringing different sections of society closer to each other. “Organizing the Bohra Food Festival was the best option to achieve the goal of creating harmony among the various segments of society,” they said.

Bohra Food FestivalBesides food stalls, various sports activities for the women and children have been arranged at the festival. The citizens hoped that Bohra Food Festival would be organized every year.



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