Courts, other institutions should work within their constitutional ambit

Millions of cases are pending but the courts are focusing on political cases – Murtaza Wahab

Imran Khan is asking his workers for courting arrest but he himself has sought pre-arrest bail and is sitting at home


The Spokesperson of the Sindh Government and Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh on Law, Barrister Murtuza Wahab, has said that all institutions, including the courts, should work within their constitutional ambit.

“Unless the country’s interests are put above the personal interests, the problems will not be resolved,” he was talking to the media at the Sindh Assembly media corner on Friday.

Murtaza Wahab further said that the people are undoubtedly passing through the worst times, so the purpose of political leadership should be to steer the country and masses out of these crises. But for Imran Khan, the only problem is to become prime minister.”

“It would rather be a worst-ever problem if he comes into power,” Murtaza Wahab remarked adding that it is well known to all that Imran Khan has caused immense damage to this country because of his ego.

“After he was ousted, he put all the blame on the establishment. Oh, brother, you were the prime minister. You used to say shamelessly that ‘I make decisions for the sake of my ego’”.

While commenting on courting arrest (Jail Bharu) movement, Wahab said that the history of the subcontinent does not find such a movement where a leader gets bail before arrest and asks the workers to be arrested. At the same time, his fake man (2 number), Shah Mehmood Qureshi, says the captain told him he doesn’t need to be arrested. “IK is the first leader who says that all his followers go to jail and he will sit at home. In this situation, greetings to his fans whose leader is relaxing at home.”

Murtuza Wahab told the media that this morning IG Police asked the Jail authorities to tell how many workers of PTI came for courting arrest. IG Sindh was told that they were looking for someone to make an arrest.

The Spokesperson of the Sindh Government further said, “Tell me the name of just one leader of PTI Sindh who has offered his arrest. For the sake of Imran, we will provide all the facilities to the arrested people. We have made the jails ready to welcome the guests.”

“Someone suggested Makhdoom Sahib go close to the prison van and take a picture, while Khan had asked Makhdoom Sahib that since you are my number two man (fake man), you should not go for courting arrest,” Murtaza Wahab said.

Murtaza Wahab said that the leadership of PMLN did not speak against the Supreme Court.” The court is the main pillar of the state and should not interfere in political matters.”

“With due respect, honorable courts do not have the right to rewrite the law,” he said adding that they should focus on dispensing justice as presently millions of cases are pending in the courts.

“Still, our honorable courts prioritize political cases due to which the common person is not getting justice, and the number of cases is also increasing daily.”

“The constitutional crisis started in Punjab but every institution should work within its limits. The court’s job is to solve the problems in the light of the constitution. “(PR)





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