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Framing gender-responsive financing policies for women suggested

Framing gender-responsive financing policies for women suggested

Sindh Education Foundation marks International Women’s Day under Dr. Anita Ghulam Ali discourse series

Staff Report

Karachi, Sindh

Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday with a strong focus on employing modern, cutting-edge, and scalable approaches, as it recognizes the pivotal role of women in spearheading various programs and portfolios, and in several SEF schools, women play a crucial role in diverse capacities, including teaching.

Emphasizing the theme, ‘Train to Transform: Skills Unleashed, Confidence Boosted,’ this event was an integral part of the Prof. Anita Ghulam Ali Discourse Series. Prof. Anita Ghulam Ali’s series seeks to underscore the significance of empowering women in education, acknowledging their transformative impact on the learning environment.

SEF-Women-Day-Sindh Courier-1Shahpara Rizvi, Director, General Administration, speaking at the program held at Youth Professional Development Center highlighted that great poet of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif has depicted women in his poetry as the strongest creation of nature. His verses encompass seven ‘soormiyan.’

SEF has introduced numerous programs specifically tailored for women, she said emphasizing the necessity of a gender-responsive financing policy for women, advocating for a shift towards a green economy and a caring society.

She stressed that women should actively participate in the policy-making process and urged for female representation in parliament, legislation, and policy formulation to effectively address women’s issues.

Director of HR, Abdul Jabbar Marri, expressed gratitude for the initiation of foundation by Prof. Dr. Anita Ghulam Ali, emphasizing that her visionary leadership has significantly shaped this remarkable initiative. Following her invaluable contribution, Madam Naheed Shah Durani has continued to foster these positive changes in our society. And this is how women are shaping the organization and setting examples.

Women who have been working with SEF for over 20 years shared their experiences, expressing a profound sense of safety and security. They have never contemplated switching to another organization, attributing this loyalty to the familial leadership style.

Women-Day-Sindh CourierThey shared, upon joining, there were minimal facilities, but significant positive changes have occurred, creating a conducive learning environment, a sense of protection, acceptance, and gender equality. They commended Late Anita Ghulam Ali for establishing an organization where women not only have opportunities to work but also hold leading positions equally.

SEF Managing Director, Abdul Kabir Kazi, emphasized that men should create opportunities for women, ensuring their potential rise to the higher positions.

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Kazi added “It’s time to portray ourselves as both a social organization and an enterprise. SEF has set numerous examples in the field of education, with women showcasing outstanding efforts marked by true dedication and commitment.”

Ex Caretaker Minister Education, Rana Hussain shared that SEF’s last two Managing Directors were women. “I learned professionalism at SEF, where it is cultivated; there are very few organizations where professionalism prevails,” she said.

Women from different walks of life attended the event.

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