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Grief – A Bouquet of Poems from Uzbekistan

Grief – A Bouquet of Poems from Uzbekistan
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Gayrat MAJID

Gayrat Majid-Sindh CourierGayrat Majid, born in the Kashkadarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Tashkent State University named after Mirzo Ulugbek (now the National University of Uzbekistan). For several years he worked at the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan. Currently, he is the Deputy Chairman of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan. His poetry collections, books for children, as well as monographs have been published – Gul Sanam (1997), Hech kimga o‘hshamaysan (You are not like anyone, 2000), Seni sog‘inaman (I yearn for you, 2006), Ko‘ksimdagi yulduzlar (Stars on my heart, 2008), Ishqqa borar yo‘l (Road leading to love, 2009), Bobolarim yurti (Country of my ancestors, 2013), Oqqushlarga aylanar yurak (The heart turns into a swan, 2015), Ayiqchaning tushi (Dream of a bear cub, 2016), Bunda bulbul kitob o‘qiydi… (Here the nightingale reads a book…, 2018), Mumkin emas sening yig‘lashing (You must not cry, 2020), Besh dars (Five lessons, 2021). For great achievements in the development of literature and culture of Uzbekistan, Gayrat Majid was awarded the Shuhrat medal.


One day the world and all therein will surely die

And sky’s surcease will follow all in aye

Reward will be assured for all good deeds

Punishment for the slightest evil is inevitable.



Would one in love suffers if not any sadness,

No aim, if not away from revolt.

How can he reach the destination in the dark

If not a candle so as to light up his road?



Who do I love and

Who do I adore?

On my way, flowers of sorrow.

Salute! I have come to my soul,

What do I have other than goodbye.


Why you turn so yellow, you season of fall,

Your winds eat my heart up, you season of dust,


You are spring, in fact, the season of soul,

Who am I other than downcast?


I’m burning,

The stars are looking through my eyes,

When I look, the sun shines on my face,

Why are these Houris looking so sad?

What do I have other than my love?


Even, at the seams, the sky burst open,

I moan at the sky’s too heartbroken,

Oh God, just show me your mercy,

I could do nothing but make a mistake.


Translation by Munira Norova


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