Growers of Lower Sindh Areas Facing Acute Water Shortage

Irrigation officials are ignoring growers’ complaints – Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly

Rehana Leghari convenes irrigation engineers’ meeting; issues instructions for release of water on rotation basis in canals and watercourses of Sujawal district

Watercourses and other drains of the entire district are in dilapidated condition. Some of the watercourses are chocked while others have caused seepage. A bridge has collapsed while others may cave due to increased water flow during monsoon rains 

Karachi, Sindh

The growers of Sujawal, a district in lower Sindh, who suffered heavily due to torrential rains in 2022, are now experiencing acute water shortage in the canals.

The issue of irrigation water shortage came up in a meeting convened by Ms. Rehana Leghari, Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly, at her office on Wednesday.

“The shortage of irrigation water has caused damaged the standing crops of the growers who are constantly lodging complaints but the officials of provincial irrigation department are not paying heed to the growers’ complaints,” Ms. Leghari said at the meeting.

Rehana Leghari instructed strict implementation of rotation plan and release of irrigation water accordingly, so that the growers can get required water.

Deputy Speaker pointed out that the watercourses and other drains of the entire district are in dilapidated condition. “Some of the watercourses are chocked while others have caused seepage, which need immediate repairs,” she urged.

She further stated that the dilapidated bridge over Pinyari Canal has collapsed while other bridges are also in bad condition and may collapse anytime if the water flow increased during the monsoon rains. “This will play havoc as dozens of villages would be flooded and disconnected from rest of the district areas.”

Deputy Speaker directed to undertake immediate repair and cleaning of water courses and drains.

The meeting also discussed the arrangements for coping the probable situation during ensuing monsoon rains.

Irrigation officials informed the Deputy Speaker that the repair work and execution of new projects would be started soon as they received funds. As regards, preparations for monsoon rains, they told that machines have already been installed for draining out rainwater during the monsoon rains.

Superintending Engineer, Lower Sindh Drainage Circle, Khalid Nawaz Dahar, Superintending Engineer, Pinyari Division, Mir Ghulam Ali, Executive Engineer, Lower Pinyari Division, Sujawal, Fareed Memon, Executive Engineer, Upper Pinyari Division, Imtiaz Haider Memon, and Assistant Executive Engineers of Sujawal and Jati Drainage Sub Divisions Naveed Mirjat and Abdul Waheed Memon attended the meeting. (PR)




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