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Growers stage demo, sit-in against Sindh irrigation officials

Growers stage demo, sit-in against Sindh irrigation officials
Damaged Kari Mori Bridge over MNV Drain

Growers are unable to cultivate lands as irrigation water couldn’t be released due to damaged Kari Mori Bridge over Main Nara Valley (MNV) Drain

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu, Sindh

The growers from different villages of Johi Taluka staged demonstration and sit-in outside the office of irrigation engineer on Sunday to protest on delay in completion of Kari Mori Bridge over Main Nara Valley (MNV) Drain that connects the Johi Town with Dadu city.

Kari-Mori-Bridge-Johi-Sindh-Courier-1Kali Mori Bridge was damaged during last year’s flash floods caused by the gushing water of torrential rains but the rehabilitation work has not yet been completed.

Rehabilitation work of Kari Mori Bridge

According to protesting growers, non-completion of work has also caused shortage of irrigation as well as drinking water in Johi town and adjoining areas.

Growers, holding placards, chanted slogans against irrigation engineer and demanded from National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to start an impartial inquiry against the irrigation officers and contractor into alleged corruption in Kali Mori Bridge work.

Kari-Mori-Bridge-Johi-Sindh-Courier-3Demonstration was led by grower Muhammad Umar Jamali, Manzoor Solangi, Fahad Jamali and Mehar Gadahi.

Grower Muhammad Umar Jamali said that due to damage to the Kali Mori, water supply to Johi town and 14 irrigation channels was stopped. He said that 2 lac acres land could not be cultivated due to irrigation water shortage.

Kari-Mori-Bridge-Johi-Demonstration-Sindh-Courier-3He said that sectary irrigation had visited Kali Mori rehabilitation site and had directed the concerned officials to complete the work at the earliest but the work remains incomplete till day. He alleged that local contractors and irrigation officials have committed corruption resulting in delay of work and non-release of water into Johi canal.

Kari-Mori-Bridge-Johi-Demonstration-Sindh-Courier-4Another grower Manzoor Solangi said that rain water of Kachho area, which had been drained out into Manchar Lake by irrigation officers, should have been released into Johi Branch at 37 RD of MNV drain so that area people could get natural rain water for cultivating paddy crop. He said that from RD 37 of MNV drain it is natural route of water and in British era there was a gate for releasing water into Johi branch but irrigation officials are not ready to release water from its natural route nor they have completed rehabilitation work of the Kari Mori.

Speaking to this reporter, Irrigation engineer Balraam told that 80 percent rehabilitation work of Kari Mori has been completed and water would be released into Johi branch after 11 august. He said that due to Meteorological Department’s monsoon rain forecast, we cannot release natural rain water of Nai Gajj into Johi branch because it would be dangers for residents.



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