Home Languages Gujarat: ‘Gujarati language must be taught in all schools by 2024

Gujarat: ‘Gujarati language must be taught in all schools by 2024

Gujarat: ‘Gujarati language must be taught in all schools by 2024

The Education Department of Gujarat state had issued orders in 2018 but certain schools were not following the orders. The Education Officers have been directed to ensure implementation.

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Teaching Gujarati language in all schools of Gujarat state has been made mandatory but its implementation will be in phased manner.

The Times of India reported quoted sources that implementation will be completed by the year 2024.

Earlier this month, the state director of primary education had issued a notification to all district education officers and district primary education officers to ensure that the schools other than Gujarati-medium schools are teaching Gujarati language as mandatory subject to class 1-8 students.

The newspaper, quoted its sources as saying that the education department had made Gujarati language in primary school classes mandatory in 2018 through a circular. However, it was brought to notice that some schools were not following this order. The Director of Primary Education has issued this notification to make the schools follow the rules, report said.

As per the 2018 rule, all schools – Gujarat Board Schools or schools affiliated with Central Boards, will have to mandatorily teach Gujarati subjects in a phased manner starting from 2018.

The rule mandates that all schools other than Gujarati medium schools will start teaching Gujarati language subject to Class 1-2 students from 2018, and introduce the subject to Class 3 students from 2019, to Class 4 students from 2020 and add the subject to higher classes every year till all classes from 1-8 are covered.


Courtesy: Times of India (Published on October 26, 2022)


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