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Hala Canal poses threat to New Saeedabad Town residents

Sometime breaches occur as the water has eroded canal banks

Two children have also drowned in the canal after they slipped into it while playing.

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New Saeedabad

A canal, known as Hala Branch, passing near New Saeedabad town, poses threat to the lives of citizens, especially the children, as the water has eroded its banks. According to local people, breaches have occurred in the past that had flooded the nearby localities. A few months back a breach had occurred near the village of Rahuja and the water had inundated the area up to the Makhdoom Talibul Mola College. Two children have also died as they drowned in the canal in the past after they slipped into it while playing. The irrigation department officials seem to be in deep slumber or are indifferent to the grave situation due to their corruption. No authority has taken notice of this threat so far.

Watch Video: Hala Canal Poses Threat 

The people have appealed to the district administration of Matiari and the elected representatives of the area to take immediate action for getting the canal banks repaired. They especially requested the spiritual leader of Sarwari Jamaat Makhdoom Jamiluzaman and provincial minister Makhdoom Mahboobuzaman to ensure that stone pitching is done for strengthening the canal banks so that any untoward incident in the future is averted.


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