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Hey! Listen To Me… A Poem from Bhutan

Bagawath Bhandari, a poet from Himalayan Kingdom shares his poetry

One day you fall on earth and say goodbye, akin to autumnal leaves flying down the sky, your pride, ego and wealth will be buried in the soil!

Bagawath Bhandari

Bagawath Bhandari is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion. He has published one of his anthologies titled “Poems with No Rhymes or Reasons” and is preparing one more anthology titled “The Thirty Shade of Life.” He has written over 1200 poems and won international awards and recognition in the field of literature. He started penning a few of his poems when he was a student and got drenched in the Poetry thereafter. Writing became his leisure pursuit and kept on penning down his feelings in everyday life. His poems are published in international anthologies like “A Spark of Hope II”, “The Circle of Life”, “Florets of Fancy”, “Break the Silence”, “The Creation Times I”, “The Creation Times II”, “A Bowl of Peace” “The Wings Volume III”, “The Pillar”, “Rhadephoresis” “Seeking Human Kindness” and “Scents” Some of his best poems are translated in Nepali, Spanish, Dzongkha and Dari and are published for positive purposes. He is the possessor of ten anthologies, one novel and two stories which are in the threshold of publication.


Hey! Listen To Me…

Heart tells you the story of love,

And hands let you feel the hugs,

Eyes see the particles of admiration,

And legs let you walk to your destination.


Hair let you sense the sensual zephyr,

Soul seeks for an eternity desire,

Through nostrils you inhale aroma of spirit,

Travelling with thoughtful mind in greater speed!


Wrinkles foretell the tale of impermanence,

And greying hair bring aging sense,

The dimming eyes are the symbol of waning,

With deaf ears share the anecdote of withering.


Walking stick becomes your companion,

Everyone else around you is dominant,

You cripple from a corner to another,

Looking through window memories you gather.


One day you fall on earth and say goodbye,

Akin to autumnal leaves flying down the sky,       

Your pride, ego and wealth will be buried in the soil,

That you have earned from dawn to dusk in toil.


Your picture will be smiling on the broken wall,

But you will never respond to any call,

As you have walked out of the earth,

For not to come back in any birth!


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