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Drop of Love – A Poem from Peru

Drop of Love – A Poem from Peru
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A drop of love makes a difference that tips the balance

[author title=”Ramina Herrera Arteaga” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Ramina-Herrera-Arteaga-Peru-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Ramina Herrera Arteaga, born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru in 1979, is a Business Administrator by profession. She graduated from the National University of Trujillo. Her poetry “Memories of Unborn” was published online by the magazine “Voices” of Spain. In 2006 it was included in the anthology “Caminos de Poesía” (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca. ”In 2007 it published the Poemario“ Nocturna Soledad y otros Poemas ”(Katequil Editores). She has been awarded many prestigious recognition for her writing.[/author]


Drop of Love

A drop of love

Makes a difference that tips the balance

Brightness or darkness in eyes

Concave or convex crimson lips

Walk or dance in the middle of the street

Drown your name or shout it out loud.

A drop of love


A tattoo

In the soul

That remembers


Or add

In nostalgia

A drop of love stamps lines

On snowy ink starved paper

Hungry for words that girdle a heart

Or temporarily turn off the light in your marrow

Sacred center of the divine essence

Where it resides in the soul … which is everlasting.