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How to overcome insecurities in young generation

How to overcome insecurities in young generation

Insecurity is a common feeling that nearly most of the people experience at some point in life.

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Shaheed Allah Bukhsh Soomro (SABS) University of Art, Design and Heritages Jamshoro organized one day seminar lecture on “Guideline to overcome insecurities?? in young generation”. The lecture was delivered by General Manager of Matiari Sugar Mills and vastly experienced person Dr. Junaid Akbar Shah.

Addressing the seminar lecture Dr. Junaid Akbar Shah said that insecurity is a common feeling that nearly most of the people experience at some point in life.

He said that Lack of confidence, no trust, uncertain future, appealing awkward, hurtful or inappropriate talk, misunderstanding jokes, job insecurity, body image insecurity, physical appearance, appearing in exams, poor work performance, leaving task incomplete, health, food and lack of family emotional support are some of the types of insecurities that people experience in their life.

Dr. Junaid said that changing of life style technique, planning intervention, keeping realistic expectations, finding good/ positive things, having good sleep, physical health exercise, healthier food and don’t change the unchangeable are some points which help to overcome insecurities. A research depicts that what so ever is taught in universities it changes after every five years whereas skill and character are two major components for students to succeed in life, he said.

ShaheedAllahBukhshUniversity-SindhCourier-1Dr. Junaid Akbar added that to overcome insecurities according to Neuro Linguistic Programming select five ideal people in life and fllow those, the life of someone will be changed.

Addressing the seminar lecture Vice-chancellor SABS Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Shar said that this lecture is organized to give opportunity to youngsters to raise question about themselves. He said that insecurity is of multiple types in career and life and most of the young people may experience it but to overcome it and achieve the desired goal is called life. Dr. Shar said that over and improper expectations are one of the root cause of diving into insecurities.

The seminar lecture was hosted by faculty member of SABS Kashif Shahzad whereas the faculty/ staff members and students keenly took part in interactive lecture session.