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International Women’s Day Celebrated in Hyderabad

International Women’s Day Celebrated in Hyderabad

Theater and songs were performed at International Women’s Day event  

Hyderabad, Sindh  

International Women’s Day 2024 was celebrated by the Women’s Development Department in collaboration with the Sindh Development Society (SDS) and some other organizations in Hyderabad.

Different theaters, songs were performed while award and shields were distributed at the program.

People from different walks of life attended the program. Civil Society Organizations working on women’s issues such as SPO, SAFWCO, Care International, HANDS, NRSP, along with others, participated in the program.

Women-Day-HyderabadSpeaking at the ceremony, Ashique Kalhoro shared about women empowerment and discussed various options to make opportunities accessible for women.

Paras Ghafar shared the scope of work of SDS. He mentioned that the organization has been operating in Sindh province since 1994. He said that SDS celebrates International Women’s Day each year, highlighting the organization’s commitment to gender equality.

Tameezuddin Khero, Secretary of the Women Development Department, shared about the value of women in society, and elaborated the services provided by the department including Safe House and Darulaman.

He reiterated the department’s commitment to ensuring women’s rights and opportunities through collaborative efforts and effective coordination.

Dr. Firdos Sangi from ABCD shared about their organization’s work and the volunteerism of women. She discussed various women’s issues and highlighted their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting their support for women during this challenging time. She recommended self-defense care training.

Hyderabad-Women-DayReshma Thebo, Assistant Director from the Women Development Department, discussed the department’s role and the process for reporting cases. She highlighted the department’s focus on women’s rights, highlighting their efforts in providing financial empowerment to rural women.

Ghulam Fatima student and Volunteer of SDS, shared history of women and shared hardships of rural women, she highlighted ground issues women face

M Parkash, Chairman of SCAN, highlighted women’s societal role and SCAN’s work addressing climate change’s impact on them. He highlighted women’s vulnerability to environmental crises, advocating for gender-responsive policies and women’s empowerment in climate action. SCAN raises awareness, advocates for women’s rights, and implements community projects through 23 local CSOs.

Pushpa Kumari spoke about human rights violations in Sindh, particularly focusing on issues such as honor killings, rape, murder, and domestic violence. She also discussed the impact of climate change on rural women in Sindh.

yderabad-DayShewa Ram Suthar shared about the investment of rural women as they become financially empowered. He further highlighted the SPO’s role in women empowerment, including unique initiatives like the Nari Climate Enterprise and various social actions taken by SPO in Sindh province for women empowerment.

Faheem Babar, Information Secretary of Sindh Climate Action Network, spoke about the digital role of women in investment to empower them. He ensured support from the Sindh TV platform for more awareness and sensitization.

Sindh Climate Action Network (SCAN) focuses on addressing climate impacts on women and other societal issues. It collaborates and works closely with the Women Development Department. (PR)

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