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Working Women vow to continue struggle for freedom, economic autonomy and social protection

Working Women vow to continue struggle for freedom, economic autonomy and social protection

Home-based women workers, social and political activists take out big rally in Karachi. Revolutionary songs and cultural dances presented in appreciation of the efforts of women in their struggle to mark International Women’s Day

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Karachi, Sindh

The women leading the resistance movements will emancipate society from the forces of capitalism and coercion. The women’s resistance will solidify democratic freedoms, economic autonomy, and social protection within society.

These thoughts were expressed by the women leaders of the resistance movements during the “Mehnatkash Aurat Rally” organized by the Home-Based Women Workers Federation Pakistan (HBWWF) on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8 in Karachi.

Women-Karachi-Rally-Sindh-Courier-2The rally, starting from Karachi Press Club roundabout, concluded with a meeting at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, where women leaders announced their demands.

On this occasion, “Nach Natak Mandli” presented revolutionary songs, banners, and cultural dances in appreciation of the efforts of women in their struggle. Thousands of women from various sectors, including political and social activists, and transgender individuals participated in the rally, raising banners and posters based on their demands. The rally was led by Comrade Zahra Khan, General Secretary of the HBWWF, Sami Baloch of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons, and Sorath Latif Lohar of Voice of Sindhi Missing Persons.

Those who spoke and attended the meeting include Hameeda Ghangroo (Awami Huqooq), Qazi Khizar (HRCP), Kami Sid (Transgender activist), Nuzhat Shirin, Sabhagi Bhell (Sindh Agricultural General Workers Union), Saira Feroz (United HBWs Union), Amina Baloch (Baloch Yajehti Committee), Hussna Khatoon (Balida fire factory association), Shama (Ali Sindh Lady Heath worker and employees union), Sara Khan (National Trade Union Federation) Hani Baloch (Zindman), Jameela Abdul Latif (HB Glass Bangle workers union), Sohni Sarang (Voice of Mssing person), Nasir Mansoor (NTUF), Wahid Baloch, Dr. Asghar Dasti, Khaliq Zadgran (Awami and others

Women-Karachi-Rally-Sindh-Courier-3Addressing the gathering, women leaders emphasized that the entrenched feudal system is subjecting society to oppressive ideologies, with women bearing the brunt of it. Whether in markets, workplaces or the assembly floor, women are not safe. The forces of non-democratic coercion are stripping urbanites of their freedoms, with those raising their voices against coercion facing forced disappearances and brutal killings.

The leaders highlighted that women are the most affected by the consequences of the economic policies of ruling elites, leading to widespread poverty and destitution. Women working in factories not only face unequal pay for equal work but also become victims of harassment and sexual violence. Working women have been reduced to economic slaves in the process of industrial production.

Women-Karachi-Rally-Sindh-Courier-4In the face of non-democratic and inhumane perspectives, state coercion, and economic exploitation, women have emerged as the most powerful voice against these injustices. It is women who have challenged illegality, raised their voices against economic coercion, and brought about revolutionary changes in society.

In the current dark era, women such as Mah Rang Baloch, Sassi Lohar, Sammi Baloch, Sorath Lohar, Fatima Majid, Zahra Khan, Saeeda Khatoon, Sima Baloch, Mehnaz Rahman, Amina Baloch, Subhagi Bheel, Haleema Laghari and Hani Baloch are leading thousands of women in resistance movements, making history.

These leaders emphasized that whether it is the issue of forced disappearances or the heinous act of murdering civilians, women are at the forefront of confronting the criminals. Lady Health Workers, Home-Based Workers, women from Sindh, farmers’ women from Okara, women leading the justice movement for the victims of the Baldia Town incident and female workers challenging the dominance of international fashion brands in the textile garments industry are becoming the vanguards of revolutionary changes in society.

Women-Karachi-Rally-Sindh-Courier-5On the occasion of International Women’s Day, it was reiterated that various resistance movements against coercion and oppression will unite in their efforts. The demands made included:

  • Ensure living wages for workers and eliminate gender-based wage disparities.
  • Abolish all discriminatory laws against women, transgender individuals, and ensure an end to class and economic violence in society.
  • Immediately initiate the registration of all workers in social security and pension institutions.
  • Put an end to inhumane treatment of women in workplaces, and establish anti-harassment committees at workplaces.
  • Take concrete actions to prevent sexual harassment and violence.
  • Provide leaves with compensation for women laborers during maternity.
  • Abolish the feudal system.
  • Put an end to forced disappearances and brutal killings in cities, including the forced disappearance of citizens, including political, social, and journalistic activists, and ensure the recovery of those involved in this crime according to the law.
  • Accept all demands of Lady Health Workers.

Additionally, there was a call for the implementation of agricultural reforms, ensuring the equitable distribution of agricultural lands among landless peasants and farming families. The leaders also demanded freedom from the bondage of the International Monetary Fund.

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