Home News Journalists of Dadu observe Black Day on Independence Day

Journalists of Dadu observe Black Day on Independence Day

Journalists of Dadu observe Black Day on Independence Day

12 Journalists have lost lives in 4 years; Sindh government has failed to protect the journalists and even enforce the laws passed for their protection – Protesting Journalists  

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu, Sindh

The local Journalists of Dadu observed black day and staged demonstration to condemn the targeted killing of a journalist Jan Muhammad Mahar in Sukkur.

Jan Muhammad Mahar was the reporter of a private TV channel and a newspaper in Sukkur. He was gunned down on August 13 at around 9pm when he was on the way from his office to home. Some armed men riding a bike opened fires on his car and left him in critical condition. Jan Muhammad Mahar was rushed to the hospital where he died during treatment.

Civil society activists and citizens also joined the journalists’ protest. They wore black armbands and chanted slogans holding placards. They also staged sit-in outside local press club and demanded arrest of assassins.

Sabir Bhand, President, Dadu Press Club, and other journalists speaking on the occasion lamented that the government of Sindh failed to protect the journalists. The government had passed the ‘Protection of Journalist and Media Professionals Act’ but failed to enforce and implement it,” they said.

Sabir Bhand said that it is responsibility of state to protect the journalists and ensure freedom of press. “It’s unfortunate that in last four years 12 journalist were shot dead in the province,” he said.

He urged Chief Justice of Pakistan to take serious notice of targeted killing of senior journalist and provide justice to victim family and journalist.

Another journalist Tariq Laghari denied that Jan Muhammad Mahar was killed due to personal enmity.

According to him, Jan Muhammad Mahar was professional Journalist and had reported against kidnapping cases and tribal clashes in the upper Sindh region. He contended that Mahar’s murder was a planned one.

Gulan Bhand, a senior journalist, said that Pakistanis are celebrating Independence Day but unfortunately journalist are not safe in their own country, and are compelled to observe Black Day.

The protesting journalists criticized the police who has failed to take any action so far.



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