Karachi NGO organizes Eye Camp in Dadu

Eye Specialists conducted checkup and provided eye care medicines, glasses and other medicines free of cost

Karachi Airport lions Eye Bank will conduct operation of patients next month in Karachi

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu, Sindh

Karachi Airport lions Eye Bank, a non-government organization, organized a one day free medical camp for eye patients at Government Gharib Abad High School Dadu on Monday.

The specialist doctors diagnosed patients through eye board, online screening and with other digital methods and provided eye care medicines.

Eye specialist Dr. Khalil Ahmed said that they provided free medicines to patients and their eye operation date would be fixed next month in Karachi.

Dadu-Eye-Camp-Sindh-Courier-1He said that women, teenagers and aged men have common eye diseases known as cataract, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, amblyopic and strabismus.

He said that children who are using touch mobile phones have eye issues and their 58 present eyes light was decreased due to unnecessary use of touch phone.

Dadu-Eye-Camp-Sindh-Courier-2Dr. Khalil said that due to dust storm, air pollution caused by smoke-emitting long vehicles on roads as well as brick kilns in surrounding of cities are main cause of dry eyes diseases in area people.

He said that after infection in eyes many patients have less water in their eyes and those kinds of patients felt every time pain in their eyes and head. He said that their organization has provided eye care medicines, drops, glasses and other medicines free of cost.



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