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Kosovo hosts the International Poetry Festival

Kosovo hosts the International Poetry Festival

Kosovo will host 20 selected world poets, thus promoting its national, cultural, artistic values

From Our Correspondent in Cairo

The seventh edition of the International Poetry Festival in Rahovec town will be held from 15 to 17 September 2021. This year, Kosovo will host 20 selected world poets, thus promoting the national, cultural, artistic values ​​of Kosovo among the world’s most prominent poets, which also becomes the best cultural diplomacy.

Kosovo - International Poetry Festival- Sindh CourierIt is worth noting that for the first time among the guests will be the Russian poet, Eldar Akhadov, a prominent name not only in Russia but also internationally.

Kosovo- Poetry-Festival- Russian-Poet
Russian poet Eldar Akhadov,

Another prominent figure will be the Egyptian poet, novelist and journalist Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Ashraf Dali), winner of Manhae’s Grand Prize in Literature (2014), who authored and translated 40 books. Many of these books have been translated into German, English, Turkish, Spanish, Persian, Korean, Sindhi and Malayalam.

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid- Kosovo-Poetry-Festival-Sindh Courier
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid

Ashraf is currently AJA President and the editor in chief of the Silk Road literature series and anthology.

This year the poets have been selected with the greatest rigor, where the geographical criterion has been taken. There will be representatives from Denmark, Egypt, Russia, Austria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, etc.

Rahovec is once again proving the centuries-old tradition of offering its guests the best hospitality. This area has a 2,000-year-old tradition of hospitality, grapes, wine and honest work that elevates it to ritual. This year, the Festival for the Diaspora will be offered through “TV Alb Se” in Sweden, along with media outlets in Albania and around the world. The director of the International Poetry Festival is the well-known poet Fahredin Shehu.

Kosovo- Fahredin Shehu - Sindh Courier
Fahredin Shehu

Fahredin Shehu is a World renowned poet from Kosovo who authored over 20 books: mainly Poetry, Essay, Novel, etc.

His poetry is translated in around 30 languages and brought him many literary prizes.  For his unique philosophical and Artistic expression he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa and Lifetime Academic in Switzerland and was nominated for Pulitzer Prize.

He took part in over 30 International poetry festivals and over 50 world anthologies. He is The Director of International Poetry Festival in Kosovo, to be held annually in Rahovec.

Kosovo-Rahovec- Sindh Courier
A view of Rahovec Town of Kosovo

Rahovec is a largely rural region in Kosovo, centered around the town of Rahovec. It is known for vineyards and wine-making. Rahovec is located in the agricultural rich Dukagjini Valley of western Kosovo. The town had 15,892 inhabitants, while the municipality 56,208 inhabitants and 35 villages.

The town is home to a large Shia Muslim Community with dervish lodges or tekkes found across the town.

Kosovo- Poetry Festival- Sindh CourierThe nearby Christina Orthodox sites in Hoça e Madhe (Velika Hoča) 8 km away and Zoqishtë (Zociste) include monasteries and churches and are well worth the visit. The Serb populated region is home to the winery of the Decani Monastery. Make sure to ask for raki and wine.