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Lateness of the Day – Poetry from Vietnam

Nguyet Vu, poetess from the land of Blue Dragon shares her some poems

Memories gone faraway, be kind… dear heart. So fragile as never been broken, somewhere out there by a window, the day is floating.

Nguyet Vu

Poet Nguyet Vu, born in 1963, is from Thai Binh province of Vietnam. She is member of Vietnam Writers Association and Hanoi Writers Association. She is also a literary translator. Her poems have been published in many literary magazines and newspapers of Vietnam. She has to her credit four poetry books. Some poems by Nguyet Vu have been set to music.


Lateness of the Day

Me, lonely

Naively stepping into the lateness of the day

Rustling, the golden leaves

Night falls

Day tranquil!


Memories gone faraway, be kind… dear heart.

So fragile as never been broken

Somewhere out there by a window

The day is floating


Peaceful song

Peaceful heart

Peaceful road


Hiding you in the hair of dark night

Indiscreetly counting my own steps on the road

Can’t remember how many they were


Are floating…

In me!

The Nostalgia

My dear, what the nostalgia is made?

The nostalgia is made by myself

By aroma,

By body!


The nostalgia is made by yourself

By your youthful men chest

By hugging me in your squeeze arms

By silly in love, infatuation and insanity


The nostalgia is made by barbaric night


The nostalgia is made by fragrant roses

In the room that is filled with love and candle light


The nostalgia is made by the naive day, that is suddenly came

To turn the emotionless into sweetness and ecstasy


The nostalgia is made by breath

By your arms, which cover my sleep warmly

My pink lips are accidentally bitted lightly

I can’t sleep overnight because missing you


There is a while I miss you

Its seems to me impossible to live

Standing and seating let the tears filled my eyes.


I shouted at the gray clouds:

– This earth doesn’t need that much water!


Heaven smiled quietly:

– You guys need the tears to love


Glistening underfoot

The grass is full of dew!


There is a while of sorrow

I can’t cry

I rushed to the sea to call your name

There was no answer

I put my face down in the sea


The Sea bewilderedly asked:

– It’s me not salty enough?


Rubbing feet on the sand

Making sad streaks of sunshine

The Land fondles tenderly:                                                  

– Love like that, I’m jealous!



Sunny is burning on the road

Through the crowded city, people squeeze hurriedly

Start the summer

The cicadas are singing until losing the voice …

The flamboyant come red burning!


This Earth –

The temperature dizzy rises year by year

The green trees getting less and less

Cramping block

And narrow souls of people


Hoang Sa Truong Sa close to invasion danger

What can happen?

In the market prices increase horrible daily

An old mother confused to touch her pocket, wonder if her could buy

Everything around us will heat up

This Earth –

Where could I hide in?

The weather is so hot…

So is there any cool place

In your heart!

Canola Flower Season

Please don’t remember

The green and yellow in wide canola field

The wind is fondling


Don’t make me cry

The tears are salty

The afternoon as the sadness is melting


In the fields

The flower tenderly blooming

As never far away your arms and breath


Where’s the old days with tearing smile

And the fragile canola were scattering on the lips







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