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Legend – A Short Story from Uzbekistan

Legend – A Short Story from Uzbekistan

Intizor Samandarova

Intizor Samandarova Uzbek Writer Sindh CourierOne of the youngest poetesses and writers from Uzbekistan, Intizor Samandarova was born on May 3, 2007 in Gurlan District, Khorezm Region Republic of Uzbekistan. She is the author of the books “The best invitation” and “My grandfather’s memoir”. She is the member of international organizations “Iqra” of Pakistan,”Asih Sasami” of Indonesia,”Juntos por las letras” of Argentina, All India council for technical skill development of India. Her poems have been published in international anthologies, newspapers and magazines.


We used to watch old albums together with our grandmother. The photos from the past were only on a black and white background. One day, while looking at the photos, I saw two photos of my grandmother taken with her sisters 20 years ago, and one of two years back, in ‘Ichan Qala’ in Khiva.

It was interesting that the people in the picture had changed a lot, but the tower behind was the same – it hasn’t changed.

I turned to my grandmother.

2-Kalta-Minor-It has not lost its look. Back now, with changing times and new developments, houses and buildings, with a new style, being built. They will become obsolete within 3-4 years. However, how many years and how many centuries have passed since the construction of the Ichan Castle, and it still has not lost its charm. There must be is a secret in the patterns.

– Yes, my daughter! Our Khiva has witnessed many centuries. The reason for the construction of such architectural monuments was that architecture was very developed in Khiva at that time. Look at the works of builders, architects, painters, and the beauty they created. It has not lost its appearance yet.

My grandmother thought for a while and started talking again.

-There are many legends and myths about the history of Khiva, my daughter. According to one legend, when the ‘Kalta Minar’ in the Ichan Qal’a was being built, the Khan of Khiva was building the only long minaret in the world, and the fame of this minaret reached seven worlds. Kings wanted to build such a tower but the Khan of Khiva wanted this minaret to be the only one. For that, he wanted that the master who built it, does not build such a minaret for other khans. He wanted to kill the master after the tower is finished, but didn’t tell him about it. But the Foreman somehow learnt the intentions of Khan and wanted to stand up and told the Master that the Khan wanted to kill him.

1-Kalta-Minor-The foreman was very high up. If he shouted, the Khan’s men might hear. That’s why the foremen who was passing bricks below, wrote on the bricks with signs that the Khan wanted to kill him.

– Master, realizing the threat to his life, made wings out of feathers and flew away. This tower was left unfinished and received the name “Kalta Minar.” No one knows where the master flew to.

This Kalta Minor has charmed many tourists and made many scientists think. Even after several years, its patterns shine as before. Over the centuries, it has enriched our history and heritage. And the human mind is amazed by its secrets!

The legend told by my grandmother had a strong impact on me. I decided to visit Kalta Minar again and find these secrets.


Photo Courtesy: Alluring World 


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