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Let’s Part Ways – A Poem of Separation

Let’s Part Ways – A Poem of Separation

Saabhiyan Sangi

Saabhiyan Sangi- Sindh Courier-1Hailing from Naudero, Larkana district of Sindh, Prof. Sajida Parveen Sangi, (Pen Name: Saabhiyan Sangi) is a poet, prose-writer and educationist serving as Associate Professor at a Government Degree Girls College in Karachi. She is committed to writing poetry and prose in Sindhi and Urdu languages since 1988, and has authored a book in Sindhi language titled: ‘Anjaan Kaa’inat Jee’ari Aa’ (The Universe is Still Alive) consisting of various genres of poetry, published and well-received in 2007. Her two poetry books in Sindhi and Urdu languages are in the process of compilation. She is a creative and imaginative poet and writer using vivid language that often has an economical or condensed use of words chosen for their sound and meaning. She provokes thought with texture and tone of her poems.

Let’s Part Ways

Let’s be separated

In the spring seasons

Let’s be entangled into pronunciations

Of names we entitled

 Each other,

With longing, with love

 We called each other,

Let you be the body of

People of the world,

I’ll be the soul of love only,

Live in the existence

Of Oneness only,

Yes never!

But can call you

The part of my existence

The tears from eyes,

O, from breathing the sobs,

 From my body I shall pull out

 My life and soul,

As the skin is cut off

 The bones,

Same way I’ll cut you

Away from my body,

From my each and every vein,

 I’ll rill you out from my blood,

O take out my life..!

Then, if I yet remain alive

To extent,

I shall never utter

Your name ever

Shall never utter

Your name ever!


Translated from Sindhi language by Professor Muhammad Hashim Solangi


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