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Life is organic, bread is also organic

Life is organic, bread is also organic
Pocket bread, which is especially popular among vegan breads, can be enjoyed in various ways.

In Korea, the number of people suffering from childhood diabetes or chronic diabetes is increasing

By (Cherry) – Lee Yeon-sil, Korea

It is different and special in many ways. Chung Yoo Sun, CEO of LoveYourSoul, entered the organic whole wheat bread business out of concern for the health of adults and children. “Always choose the right path rather than the easy path.” When she was in college, she saw an advertisement supporting the poor in Africa on a television channel, which changed her life. I was shocked to see starving black children making cakes out of dirt and eating them because they had no food to eat.

It is true that mud cakes are eaten in places like Africa and Haiti in the Caribbean. Although children all over the world live under the same sky, some of them live by eating mud. She naturally ended up studying global ecology. When I thought about the food and environmental problems facing humanity, I realized how important healthy food is to humanity.

Broadcasting live in English and teaching English to employees at Samsung Electronics and LG

The “Love Your Soul” brand was created. Love Your Soul has been making every effort to produce vegan bread since 2020. “We only use locally produced organic whole wheat. Additionally, while whole wheat bread is generally made with whole wheat flour, the bread is made moist by Local whole wheat germination with crust for 48 hours In this process, dietary fiber and nutrients are maximized, and easy-to-digest bread is created. Because we have made this with great care, we source and sell high-quality vegan bread that falls within the 1% range, rather than bread. “Ordinary vegetarian.”

CEO Jeong grew up abroad since childhood thanks to her father who worked for a company there. Now, I run a vegan baking business with my parents in my home country to source healthy food. As her colorful and interesting life shows, Love Your Soul brand bread puts health first.

The most common item, “pocket bread,” has countless variations depending on what you put inside it. Non-vegetarian customers can use this bread as a meal replacement by adding anything to it, such as ice cream, red bean, glaze, spaghetti, salad, kimchi fried rice, or bulgogi. The bread delivered to every restaurant in Gangnam is expensive but very popular.

Having a meeting with the 8th Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, because she lived a global life and was interested in the UN

In any country, a variety of organic produce and seasonal foods produced by local farmers should form a virtuous circle. She enjoyed eating meat so much that her nickname was the “Meat Killer” until she began studying the environment and food. He also ran a pork cutlet business that was popular in the new city.

“Like the brand slogan, I studied food that refreshes the body, mind and soul. I was surprised to see myself naturally preferring vegetarianism to eating meat. I deeply understood the importance of proper education for a human being. This is because the quality of education is directly related to the quality of life. Unfortunately, today “Due to human intervention, nature is being destroyed day by day and humans are also getting sick,” she says. “The only way to survive is through proper education.”

The world is going through a crisis due to the abundance of instant foods and baby food that contain a lot of preservatives and chemical additives. Korea is no exception. We accept patients with serious social problems such as atopy, irritable bowel syndrome, autism, and ADHD. Therefore, we also follow plant-based milk.

Modern people don’t just eat food. Find eco-friendly and health

Italian brand Teraepan makes plant-based milk without artificial additives using only water and oats. It has a clean taste, is easy to digest, and is rich in dietary fiber, so it is beneficial for intestinal health. A person can live a consistently healthy life only by increasing his immunity, and immunity comes from gut health.

In Korea, where the number of people suffering from childhood diabetes or chronic diabetes is increasing, it is said to have pledged to inform patients about their declining eating habits. She is also good at foreign languages, so much so that she teaches English to employees at various companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG. This is useful for finding useful information from outside or material that has been researched in depth over a long period of time.

In the future, I would like to create a foundation to do social activities like growing vegetables in pots or flower beds at home, and providing healthy food to children in Africa who make biscuits from dirt. Only when there are more young people with sound minds and hearts like these, can we save the people, lands and seas of the world.

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