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Story of a Pakistani who became Korean

Story of a Pakistani who became Korean
Kim Kang-san. (Faisal Cheema)

Multicultural Success Model, CEO Kim Kang-san. His real name is ‘Faisal Cheema’ who originally belongs to Pakistan 

By (Cherry) LEE YEON-SIL

I met CEO Kim Kang-san. “Since I am involved in several businesses, it would be better for me to be a chairman rather than a representative.”

A businessman from a prominent Pakistani political family met his Korean wife as fate would have it, while doing trade. He has three children and has lived in Gyeongbuk for over 20 years, so he speaks the Gyeongbuk dialect well. His real name is ‘Faisal Cheema’. Even just by hearing the name, this family is known to everyone in the Indus Valley Civilization culture.

The Korean name Kim Kang-san means “Korea, as beautiful as Geumsu Gangsan Mountain. I am 43 years old this year, so I have a bright future ahead of me where I will continue to work passionately.”

CEO Kim comes from a multicultural family. So he knows the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of immigrants better than anyone else. He is a person who hopes for people of various ethnic groups to live happy lives together. He says he wants to do his best as a businessman to help Korea become a better welfare state and economic powerhouse.

Muhammad Afzal Cheema-1
Mohammed Afzal Cheema, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan at the time who first approved the Korean Embassy in Pakistan

The person who approved the Korean Embassy in Pakistan 40 years ago is a relative of Representative Kim Kang-san. He is a famous person who was a former Supreme Court judge and interim president.

As a Korean from Pakistan, he is also working for economic cooperation between the two countries. Pakistan, with a population of over 250 million people, is the 5th most populous country in the world. All three of his children are Korean. As a person who deeply loves both countries, it is reassuring to see him taking the lead in economic and cultural exchange between Korea and Pakistan. He has a good-looking persona and is at the level of an actor. He makes a good impression. A person’s usual thoughts and spirit appear on his face.

His family also has deep ties to Korea. The person who approved the Korean Embassy in Pakistan decades back is a relative of Representative Kim Kang-san. He is a famous person who was a former Supreme Court judge and interim president.

MUHAMMAD AFZAL CHEEMA, then Speaker of the National Assembly, also visited Seoul at the invitation of the Korean government. He is also the father of SAJJAD AFZAL CHEEMA, who is also the President of the Korea – Pakistan Friendship Association.

Muhammad Afzal Cheema-2
This is a photo of President Chun Doo-hwan at the time who invited his benefactor to Korea. Muhammad Afzal Cheema, the then National Assembly Speaker wearing the hat is a relative of Representative Kim Kang-san.

As a businessman, there are countless Middle Eastern and Arab countries where he exports to foreign countries. They are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Syria and Turkiye (Turkey).

“We also export to Ghana, Congo, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, and Libya in Africa, and Chile and Peru in South America.”

Southeast Asia trades with Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, and Mongolia.

“We are already exporting to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Currently, there are branches in Cambodia and Pakistan. We are also pursuing the establishment of local branches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country that the world is paying attention to, famous for Saudi Arabia and Dubai, the core of the Middle East where all kinds of money flows through oil money.”

Pakistani political and business figures come from prestigious families. Thanks to Ambassador Song Jong-hwan, we became close friends.

He served as the head of the Gyeongbuk Multicultural Countermeasures Committee. He has also been awarded the Proud Citizen Award. He also received the honor of receiving the Presidential Citation on Trade Day twice. It is surprising that someone from a foreign country came to Korea and achieved such results, something that is not easy even for Koreans. He is also utilizing his multinational global power network to attract foreign capital to Korea.

I hope that you will utilize the expertise, knowledge, wisdom, experience, and global power connections you have accumulated throughout your life to contribute to the development of Korea. It is important to properly know the strengths, weaknesses, history, and culture of both countries. Business is also about understanding people. I am confident that his global activities are not for personal wealth and fame. I hope that you will become a talented person who works for Korea and the global community.

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